I’ve been quiet this week, though I’ve been posting updates on the Facebook page. Work has been busy and the days went by in a blur. I did get a special project done last weekend. I sewed a design out of felt to display at the top of the blog. If you are reading on an RSS feed, stop by the site and check it out!

I am in the middle of sewing a two page spread for Jax’s quiet book of an airport. It is going to be really cute, but involves a lot of pieces, similar to the treasure hunt page. I have some photos of it on Facebook. Hopefully I make a lot of progress tomorrow.

Here are some Easter themed links for you. Do you think 2 is too young to dye eggs? I haven’t done it since I was little and I’m itching to!

Do you have any Easter traditions? Jax is so young, we are just now forming ours. I want to have him hunt for eggs in the yard. I’m also putting together a basket for him. I’m not sure I’ll put any candy in it this year.

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