Sebastian’s Wild One First Birthday Party

My baby is 1! Oh, it’s so bittersweet… My sweet final baby is now a year old, walking, and beginning to talk. I refuse to switch to saying “toddler” until 2 – what about you?

While it’s sad that time is going so fast, I’m also excited for the things to come. Like soon I’ll have a new little one old enough to design quietbooks for!

We hosted a party for Sebastian and I chose a woodland theme because he loves owls and I loved the idea of “Wild One”.

I mainly focus on decorating one portion of our kitchen at parties now, due to limited time. I start a week or two in advance and pick away after baby goes to bed.

The food table has two cheap green tablecloths (they were fairly see-through) and an artificial grass runner from Amazon.I got the 8′ runner for $13. I pulled flowers off of dollar store bunches and spread them around.

The three tissue balls were $2 each from Walmart, and the fabric leaves and dollar store cake stands were leftover from Jax’s bug party.The chalkboard sign was from AC Moore, I think. I was bummed because the chalk wouldn’t write on it at the center top, but I ended up gluing fake flowers there. All of the wooden trays and bowls were thrifted, with the exception of two faux wood chargers from Walmart for $1 each. I hand cut the bunting and cake topper. The tiny tree was from Amazon, but no longer available.

Because I had very little party planning time (busy baby is busy!), I purchased illustrations this time from Etsy. The woodland and bakery clip art was from Le Petite Market’s store. The two fonts I used were from Creative Qube Design’s store (90% off sale!) I designed the tent cards and cupcake toppers in Indesign, cut them (I used a circle punch for the picks) and mounted them on card stock. I hand-colored the cupcake picks with colored pencils, and they got mini kabob sticks (point cut off) and fake flowers as well.

Some of the food pictured here: Meadow cakes (yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing and flower sprinkles), Brown bears (cinnamon Teddy Grahams), Bunny’s Garden (fresh veggies) and Hedgehogs (chocolate iced madeleines with sprinkles.

The hedgehogs came out so so cute! To make the faces, I stuck sprinkles into the cookies for eyes and mouths.

More food pictured here: S’more bites (baked by my friend), Trail mix (Golden Grahams, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips), Tree tops (Pirate Booty) and Twigs & Sticks (pretzel sticks).


Even more food pictured here: Berry blend (Sebastian’s favorite fruits) and Cheese and Crackers (yep).

We had water bottles and Liquid sun (lemonade served in a sun tea server I thrifted for that bug party years ago.)

The cake was a lemon strawberry swirl cake with vanilla icing and fresh strawberries between the layers. I just swirled two cake mixes. I level the layers and did a crumb coat, but that was the extent of my fancy decorating! I bought toy animals and made tiny party hats for them out of paper and mini pompoms (from my stash, so some I dyed with sharpies). I purchased a miniature cake from Etsy to put on top with them.

Seen here: deer, fawn, fox, cub, bear and barn owl. (The fawn I bought on Amazon, the others were from the craft store with coupons. Please note I use affiliate links that don’t affect your purchase but help me buy supplies.)

I made a smash cake for Sebastian (who didn’t really eat it, but oh well!) that was the same flavor. I put the owl on top, as well as a candle (we didn’t light) and some flowers.

My year-long project of photographing Sebastian was a feature wall. I covered the art we have hanging with green streamers (funny story…) and hung flower garlands from Jax’s 3rd birthday party. I used mini clothespins my husband found on Amazon to hang my prints. I bought two poster prints that had all of the monthly photos laid out in a grid from Vista Print, then cut them out.

I always do a craft table and this one was a bit last minute. I ordered foam owl sticker sets and color your own woodland masks. Both worked great at the party!

The party favors were fairly simple, as I’m not a fan of getting lots of plastic junk in favor bags. Kids over 3 got rainbow stacker crayons from Target, a pack of gummy bears and an owl water squirter. Babies and toddlers got baby bath toys and a pack of Teensy Fruits.

Some behind the scenes photos:

I know that first birthday parties are more for the parents, but I hope Sebastian felt how loved he is! We had a great time celebrating our littlest man. We love him so!

Here is Sebastian’s wishlist for those who have asked. A little late, sorry… You are sweet to think of us!

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