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Here is the second space page in Jax’s quiet book. I think it came out super cute! I created a pattern as I worked on this page, and I’m sharing it with you all for your personal use. If you use the pattern, I’d love to see your version! Link back to me or leave a comment!


This page has a peek-a-boo alien and an astronaut that can snap on and off the page. The face has a spot for a 1.25″ x 1.5″ face photo. I plan to make my book pretty thick, with a 2″ spine and possibly a zippered cover. You can omit the batting/stuffing in the astronaut and just sew the two sides together if you want yours thinner.

I did use star sequins in this design, but you can leave them out or replace them with felt or embroidery if you have a young baby who puts things in their mouth. Whatever works best for your situation! My other materials were: felt sheets (black glitter, dark gray, light gray, lime green, white, turquoise and light blue), matching threads, batting/stuffing, clear vinyl to make the helmet shiny, white satin cord from my beading stash and a scrap of ribbon to use on the peek-a-boo door.

Once I cut everything you, I machine-sewed the craters to the moon, sewing only the left side of the large on to make a hinge (I added a ribbon loop and sequins to make a handle.) I used a stem stitch in orange to sew the alien’s mouth, French knots for freckles and a self-stick google eye. I machine-sewed the alien down behind the door and sewed the moon to the backdrop. You can do it easier by just sewing the door on last, though it wasn’t any trouble for me. I left a small gap under the moon and hand stitched one knotted end of the satin cord underneath. I added a star hand-sewn to the alien’s head.


Next I decorated the two sides of the astronaut. Both got straight stitched ribbing at the wrists and ankles and an orange belt. The front got a belt buckle, Jax’s name in stem stitch and some stars. I did a line of stitching on each side at the neck to attach the blue helmet. I placed a helmet vinyl piece over the front and used the sewing machine to sew a rectangle with an open bottom to make a photo pocket. You can use lighter thread if you want to hide yours. The the neck piece was hand-stitched on the bottom only to make a flap to hold the photo in. The back of the astronaut’s helmet got the vinyl attached at the neck with stitching on both the top and bottom of the neck piece. With one end of the cord on the wrong side, I sewed a snap to the back of the helmet. Another snap went on one foot. Then I sewed him all together, filled with batting, with a blanket stitch.


The backdrop got hand-sewn star sequins and the other half of the snaps. Jax cracks up when we open the peek-a-boo window, and he says “Baby!” when he sees the photo. Hopefully soon he will recognize it is him.

Here are the two space pages together. I could have lined up the craters, I decided I don’t mind since there will be space between the pages for the binder rings. What do you think? I have a zillion more ideas I plan to try to make before our plane ride to California in November, so stop back for more!

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