Quiet Book Cover Tutorial

There are a million ways to sew a quiet book cover, but this tutorial covers (ha!) what I did. To see how I sewed together my pages, read this post.

I used 3″ diameter binder rings I bought here. I had 1 yard of flannel and a 29″ x 11″ piece of fusible fleece from my leftovers pile. I also used a white, 1″ plastic buckle from my dog collar supplies. They sell black ones in fabric stores.

  1. I started with two rectangles of flannel. You could use different fabric for the cover and inside, but I was using some I already had. My width was 30″ and height was 12″. To find your width: (page width x 2) + the diameter of your rings + 2″ for overhang + 1″ seam allowance. To find your height: page height + 2″ for overhang + 1″ seam allowance. I also cut a piece of fusible fleece 1″ smaller and ironed it to the back of one piece.
  2. I sewed the two sides together, right sides facing, leaving a 4″ hole to turn it.
  3. Turn it right side out and press. (Clip the corners first if you’d rather they not be rounded. I like that.)
  4. Top stitch all the way around, closing your hole in the process.
  5. Fold the cover in half to find your center, then measure half the diameter of your rings from the fold. Use the same template you used on your pages to mark grommet holes. Repeat on the other side.
  6. Install your grommets. You will have two sets of grommets centered on your cover piece that are set apart the diameter of your rings (3″ for me.)
  7. I made two lengths of straps with half of the buckle on the end of each one. I believe my finished sizes were 30″ x 1″ and 8″ x 1″. I attached the short one to the front with the buckle aimed away from the spine.
  8. I attached the long strap right behind the short one going in the opposite direction, across the spine and around the book to hold it closed when buckled.
  9. With the buckle closed, I determined how tight I wanted the strap and sewed the extra into a handle by sewed the strap down on the other side of the spine (see photos for clarification.)

That isn’t even all of my pages! I bought extra rings so I can keep the pages not in use organized. Swapping the pages out regularly will keep the quiet book interesting for Jax.

I’m bringing about half the pages shown there on the plane ride. I chose the ones most exciting to him that don’t have tiny parts. I also punched holes in the top of a freezer bag and have that in there with a notebook, crayons and stickers.

We should be in the air right now as this post goes live. Wish us luck!

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