Sunday Souvenir – 9/11

Has it really been 10 years? It doesn’t seem that long ago that we woke up to phone calls from worried family. We lived very close to Dulles airport and watched the tv in horror as the towers fell and helicopters and fighter jets flew overhead. Dan’s brother was in DC and had to walk out. I spent the week glued to the news in tears, and had nightmares every night.

That morning I wrote in my blog, “we were just woken up by phone calls from family members.. what the hell is going on? bombs? ack. mark needs to leave dc. ack. shit. who is doing this? i am torn between sitting here with my mouth hanging open and crying.

what a terrible day. i didn’t work – i couldn’t think. i am struggling now to do some site work. danny is on the phone with his brother (who eventually got out of dc by walking to clarenden) talking about it all. in the afternoon i had to get away from it all so i took dia on a walk around the neighborhood. at first i couldn’t escape the news – cars passing by and contractors out working on new houses were all blaring the coverage. i kept walking into a neighboring townhouse complex and stopped to chat with a lady i have met there and her sweet dog. in the evening i needed a nap – not sure why… i have to go to bed on time tonight because the dogs need to be at the vet at 8am.

while i was washing the dinner dishes they showed a clip of people falling from the wtc after jumping. how horrifying. i can’t stop thinking about how awful things must have been in there to make people choose the certain death of falling 90 stories.

i am still stunned. love and kind thoughts to everyone involved.

My thoughts and heart are with all those who lost loved ones or were affected by what happened 10 years ago.

Where were you on 9/11/01?

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One thought on “Sunday Souvenir – 9/11

  1. Joanna

    I remember that post you made on livejournal. Reading LJ was how I found out about the towers. Then I went to a news site to see what was going on.


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