Happy Wednesday! How is your week going? I’ve been busy working, sewing and toddler-wrangling. I’m in the drawing stages of our next quiet book page, and have a bunch of ideas simmering for others.

I plan on making an iSpy bag that can detach from a page in Jax’s book. But, I need to collect a bunch of tiny treasures to put into it (like under-an-inch tiny.) If you have anything you can send our way, let me know!

Here are some fun links for you:

  • This link is partially for a friend whose youngest rocked a sushi costume last Halloween, and another friend who has twin boys. Just look at the wasabi and ginger on the hat! I like the milk/cookie/cookie monster set, and the Eric Carle costumes are adorable!
  • Bake a heart (or any shape) into the center of a cupcake!
  • I love Gap’s Portabello line, but don’t love their prices. Make It and Love It has a tutorial for making your own Union Jack jeans! I’m thinking of making it as a little patch to sew on Jax’s jeans (since his 18m – 2T jeans are too tiny to fit into the sewing machine.)
  • I’m Finnish on my dad’s side (if you couldn’t tell from my maiden name of Innanen!) I never knew that the government gives out “baby boxes” to new mothers. How sweet!
  • I stick blank paper in my bag when we go out to eat so Jax can color while we wait. I like this idea for making art tubes to drawings don’t get crunched up.
  • Grow your own pineapple from the top part you just throw away anyway. (Mel, you should do this!)

Two more days until the weekend. Hang in there!

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