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This week is going slooooow! We recently got back from my birthday weekend at the beach and I already feel like I need another vacation! Jax has been a handful, but at the same time, having another language explosion. It’s really crazy how much he talks now! I constantly have people asking how old he is because his speech and loads of hair make him seem older.

I am starting a big room switch-a-roo upstairs. We co-slept with Jax much of his life. A couple months ago I moved his converted crib/toddler bed into our bedroom to start transitioning him to sleeping alone. He sleeps the first half of the night in his bed before joining us. The next step will be creating a big boy room for him. I’m thinking of just going with a mattress on the floor because he constantly rolls out of his toddler bed. The coolest room besides our bedroom is our second guest room. So I cleared out the spare room full of old furniture and junk and moved the guest room to there. Next I’ll be painting a mural and designing some fabric for bedding. He wants a train theme, but I’ll expand it to “transportation”. His old nursery, a small room adjoining our master bedroom, will become my craft and laundry folding room.

I’ve already moved the contents of Jax’s closet to his future room since it was only winter clothes hanging up. I had the side piece of his crib in there too. What to do with that giant thing?? I ended up standing it on its side and making it into a blanket rack! Perfect!

Here are some links for you!

Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is going a little more smoothly than mine… But, at least it isn’t Monday anymore!


I’ve been quiet this week, though I’ve been posting updates on the Facebook page. Work has been busy and the days went by in a blur. I did get a special project done last weekend. I sewed a design out of felt to display at the top of the blog. If you are reading on an RSS feed, stop by the site and check it out!

I am in the middle of sewing a two page spread for Jax’s quiet book of an airport. It is going to be really cute, but involves a lot of pieces, similar to the treasure hunt page. I have some photos of it on Facebook. Hopefully I make a lot of progress tomorrow.

Here are some Easter themed links for you. Do you think 2 is too young to dye eggs? I haven’t done it since I was little and I’m itching to!

Do you have any Easter traditions? Jax is so young, we are just now forming ours. I want to have him hunt for eggs in the yard. I’m also putting together a basket for him. I’m not sure I’ll put any candy in it this year.


Happy spring!

How do you normally deal with clothes shopping for your little ones? Last fall I started doing one main shopping purchase for Jax’s wardrobe, then I filled in the holes with any clearance or thrift store finds I come across. We did Old Navy for his autumn clothes while they had a $6 sale on long sleeve shirts. This spring I did a Target.com order to get him some 2T shirts and shorts. The shirts were all $4 – $7, the hoodie $12 and the adjustable-waist cargo shorts were $9 each. At the store, we added the orange hat and green clogs.

I like to choose a basic color pallet for him each season to make the bulk of my purchases go together. This spring I chose bright colors (especially orange, yellow and green) and gray and denim for neutrals. Jax is starting to have opinions on his clothes and he loves the really bright ones. He is in love big time with the yellow robot shirt and green shoes. He really likes the sew turtle polo as well – my love of sea turtles is rubbing off on him!

I still need to find him some comfy sandals in gray, and some thrift store jeans to cut off into more shorts (store bought jean shorts are so pricey!) Don’t even get me started on my wardrobe (or lack there of)… I need a money tree before I could hope to fix that situation!

Here are some links we’ve come across recently:

  • 10 ways to dye Easter eggs. When did you start dying eggs with your toddler? Is 2 too young?
  • Here are 12 DIY jewelry organizer ideas…
  • Abacuses in the nursery. I recently bough a large one for $1.75 at the thrift store. I was only going to paint the frame red, but now I might paint the beads after seeing these!
  • Here’s a little trick for staying clean as popsicle season approaches!
  • I love this DIY suitcase dollhouse. You could also make the rooms into a quiet book.
  • Here’s how you make your own fabric buttons without a kit.

My next quiet book page is all done and waiting for me to get sewing machine time today so I can sew the page together and take pictures. Keep an eye out for a post later today!


Pardon the dust around here! I am redoing the site’s template and I’ll be changing things throughout the end of the week until I get it just right. The new system I’m using will make changes easier in the future, but things are going to look a little crazy for now. All the links and content is working, though!

I’m finally sewing again! I took a break to fold hundreds of origami cranes for Jax’s party. Big thank yous to the ladies on our Facebook page for helping me decide which color scheme to go with. I’m hoping to post the finished page and pattern tomorrow night or Saturday.

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Happy Thursday!


Happy Tuesday!

I am hoping to have a party post for you soon, but I only have half of the photos so far. A friend helped out taking photos of the second half of the party. Jax LOVED his party! He alternated between stealing watermelon off the food table, playing with friends (new and old) in the playroom and asking to sit at the table and snack on all the tasty food. He loved getting sung to and blowing out his candle SO much that we did it twice!

Here are some links for you while I wait for the photos:

Image via How About Orange

Now that the party madness is over (though I admit I haven’t taken down the pretty lanterns and cranes just yet!), it’s time to get back to sewing some new quiet book pages! I hope to have something to share very soon.


I’ve stitching like crazy trying to get my current 2-page quiet book spread done this weekend so I can start on something special. My current page is a treasure chest theme that was requested in our Facebook page. It is turning out so adorable, but it has soooo much stitching. Like an entire embroidered treasure map! Hopefully I’ll finish tomorrow.

My special project is an exciting one. I am designing a mini quiet book for Valentine’s Day. I’ll be providing the pattern as soon as it is done so anyone who wants to make one has time before next month. But, even better, I will be having a giveaway with my finished sample! If you have a little one and don’t have time to sew this month, this is for you! More details when the book is done, and sneak peeks on Facebook!

Here are some links for you:

I’ll leave you with a photo of my treasure page in progress.

Next up, sewing the pirate flag and the message in the bottle. Then I think I’ll finally be done!

Have a great weekend!

Loving It – Cozy Winter Gear for Baby

I’d like all of this in my size…


MYHABIT (limited time only): Bearpaw Traditional Shearling Bootie ($25), Ambajam Mini Cuddle Blanket ($16), Absorba Baby Girls Microfiber Snowsuit ($39), Osh Kosh Arctic II Boots ($22). Etsy: Tweed Baby Sweater Jacket and Hat Set ($40). Amazon: Columbia Unisex Tiny Bear Bunting Bodysuit ($24.95), Zutano Fleece Hat ($12.50)

Bonus! Click here and use code HOLIDAYS through December 15th to save an extra 20% on MYHABIT!


Are you ready for Thanksgiving yet?

As mentioned in my Sunday Souvenir, our friends bought a packaged Thanksgiving meal they are dropping off here tomorrow. We are adding on the pre-meal snacks (dips, chips and veggies), a vegetable (I was surprised there was none. Or do they count the potatoes? We’re having lemon garlic green beans.), sweet potatoes (my husbands must-have!) and adding to the apple pie dessert with cheesecake brownies and pumpkin bars. The husband is making all of that, despite me being the normal baker. I’ll just be mixing up some cheese dip!

Jax's leaves became our centerpiece

Since there will be much football-watching that day, I plan to have some quiet book sewing ready to go. That way I can be on the couch with everyone but have stitching to do since I can’t pay attention to sports for more than 30 seconds. Even though Jax’s quiet book is HUGE already, I’ll still loving making and sharing the pages with you all! Please let me know if you have any requests.

Well, that was a long intro! Here are some links:

  • I love this felt headband! I need to make something like this for myself… I’ve seen similar ones in gift shops before.
  • This is the best idea for food at a toddler birthday party! Ice cube trays filled with fun and healthy finger foods!
  • I may have to use part of this free paisley embroidery pattern to make that headband I mentioned. Love!
  • What a fun bedroom! Though I wonder how many broken bones it would cause… I really like the ceiling.
  • Here’s one of those why-didn’t–think-of-that craft posts!
  • Love! Love! Love!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!


At the Aquarium of the Pacific

We’re back from our California vacation. To read all about it, visit my personal blog. The trip went really great and Jax did awesome on the plane flights and having to eat in restaurants for most meals. (Thank goodness for the iPad!)

I’m now looking ahead to Thanksgiving. We are keeping up our new tradition of sharing a purchased meal with our friends and neighbors Ronalyn and her husband D. But this year we will be eating at our house. I guess that means I need to clean up the sewing madness that has taken over the dining room?

Here are some Thanksgiving inspired links for you:

Money-Saving Tips

Ronalyn is a friend and neighbor who always impresses me with her ability to save money. I asked her to share some tips in my blog while I am on vacation. It also gives me an excuse to post cute dog photos. Her “kids”, Esa and Zed are friends with our golden, Benny.
I don’t think I’ll ever be featured on Extreme Couponing, but hopefully I can learn a few tricks from Ronalyn!

Esa and Benny

I am honored that Stephanie invited me as a guest blogger while she & her family are on vacation!

Stephanie and I are neighbors (there are about 3 blocks between us), and we met because of our pups.  Now, our husbands are constantly together on the weekends watching sports.  I work full-time as the Assistant General Manager at Westfield Concession Management at Dulles Airport where I oversee the retail program and all of the concessions marketing.  I have been blogging since 2005, with Yahoo!360, MySpace and now at The Adventures of Esa and Zed.  I mostly blog about our life, our pups, and how I save money.

  • I consider myself a “moderate” couponer.  I make a game out of how much I can save during a grocery shopping trip.  Where I start – using Coupon Mom to match up coupons with sales items.
  • My favorite “coupon community” is Hot Coupon World.  It lists all the different stores and sales, coupons, freebies…everything!
  • My favorite income/rewards site is My Points. I’ve been a member since 1997 and have earned many giftcards on there.
  • I’m addicted to Diet Coke, so when Coke came out with My Coke Rewards, I was pysched!  I’ve gotten Best Buy gift cards, DVDs, and coupons for free Coke.
  • One of my splurges is on my hobby of scrapbooking – paper & digital.  I love Creative Memories tools and their digital software.  Each Friday, they post free digital downloads.
  • Another one of my hobbies is genealogy.  I have a subscription to Ancestry.com, but even if you don’t have a paid subscription, you can still create an account and research your family tree.  Several times a year, they have free weekends where you can see all the records.  I researched as much as possible before purchased a subscription and I was able to discover a lot this way.


It’s Friday! And Halloween weekend is beginning! Are you all ready? I just finished up the pants for Jax’s Halloween costume today. Hopefully I’ll get some good photos in the neighborhood Halloween parade.

What are your little ones dressing up as?

Photo via Heres2uMrsRobinson on Etsy

Here are some links for you:

Happy Halloween!



We have a cross-country trip coming up and I am starting to get into planning mode.

What are your thoughts on leashes/safety tethers for toddlers? While I’ll be using a baby carrier in the airport, Jax will be in his car seat for nearly 6 hours on the plane and I doubt he’ll want to be held while we are getting our luggage and waiting for our ride. How do I safely let him stretch his legs in LAX while still watching our bags, etc? I hope you’ll share your experiences with me!

Some links for you…

  • I may have to make Jax the food from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. He loves that book and that is his favorite page.
  • Here’s another mom’s take on extended nursing (with a photo by me).
  • Making a rug like this is on my to-do list this winter!
  • There aren’t many cute sewing projects for boys’ clothes out here, but here’s a great one for simple boy pants.
  • Need some new jewelry? Raid your tool box!
  • Got an iPhone or iPad and a toddler? Hurry out to Starbucks this week for their free app card. It’s this great Sesame Street ebook! Jax loves it!
  • His other favorite app right now is Zoo Train. I was pretty shocked at how good he is at it! Check out the video below and another one here (this one is noisy, sorry! We were waiting for diner at a sports restaurant.)