Can a Non-Candy Halloween Be Fun?

No candy on Halloween?? If I give out an alternative, will our house be the lame one on the street?

Little Stephanie on Halloween

I remember getting both paper bags of pennies and full size candy bars while trick-or-treating as a child. Which one did I like? The candy bar of course! I’ve always tried to give out “good” candy that I like to eat, plus I throw in some lollipops for toddlers and maybe some spider rings. but, now that I am a parent and Jax and I will be handing out candy together, I’m on the fence as to if I should do something a little healthier this year.

There are plenty of Halloween-themed favors out there, but since you trick-or-treat on Halloween, they are already out of date the next day. These mini dinosaurs come out to be 18 cents each. I think 10 cents per treat is a good price to aim for. These glow bracelets are 10 cents each and can be used right away during trick-or-treating. While these vampire fangs are for Halloween, they are only 6 cents each and go with the current vampire fad.

Do you remember these fourtune-telling fish? They are only 4 cents each and lots of fun! I love the idea of these mini Play Doh cans, but you’ll be giving out a 50 cent treat to each kid. Crayon packs are another creative idea.

Another thrifty option is to check the party favor aisle in your local dollar store. 12 packs of trinkets come to 8 cents each.

I could always just go with “better for you” candy… I just bought a bag of YummyEarth organic lollipops (not this huge bag though) to try out as a treat for our long plane flight next month. This big bag on Amazon comes to about 8 cents per lollipop. Pretty good deal! Endangered Species Chocolates offers organic, fair trade chocolates that give back to charity. But, at 28 cents each, they aren’t realistic for Halloween.

What do you plan to give out? I may end up with a mix of regular candy and trinket.

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