Thrift Store Gems

Radio Flyer Scoot 'n Zoom for $7.50

Sometimes it seems like I get an idea in my head for Jax and decide to keep an eye out at the thrift store for what I’d need to accomplish it, only to find it on my very next visit! It happened with the play kitchen and now with a dollhouse.

A dollhouse for boys, you ask?? Why not! My crafty mom was huge into dollhouses and miniatures, making both from scratch. I may have a boy, but I think there are ways to incorporate a dollhouse into his imaginative play time.

We pulled up to the thrift store and I spotted this unfinished wood beauty from the window. I was sold when I saw the $9.25 price tag! This is a $80 Melissa & Doug wooden dollhouse, though it is sold with furniture! I’d originally planned to make him a fire station dollhouse, but the shape of this one lends itself well to becoming a barn. The front door and balcony come off to reveal sliding barn doors. It may not even need those pieces in the end if I do a barn.

Jax keeps saying “House! House!” I really think this would look cute as a red and white barn with faux straw floors and wood beam walls inside. It’s in perfect condition, minus a red paint stain. What do you think?

I think I may hide this away and make it all special and barn-like to put under the Christmas tree for Jax. Maybe with this animal set. There are a lot of cute wooden farm toys that I can add to Jax’s Wish List

These Melissa & Doug Stacking Emergency Vehicles were being sold for $2.50 each, though they were originally a set. I like that they are all wood (except the wheels). Jax is getting into vehicles now, so these stacking puzzles will be fun. So far he is calling them all “Choo choos”. The only other vehicle name he says is “Bus”.

We also got the scooter at the top of the post. He has had a Mickey Mouse car since his first birthday but it is SO LOUD it is driving me a little crazy. There is no volume switch! At the time we got it, all the buttons and lights were more interesting than the actual car to him. Now he is more interested in go, go, going! So this one is perfect both for Jax and mama’s poor ears. And it rolls great outside, which the other one didn’t.

I didn’t look at the books this time. We will be going through ours to see if there are any Jax has grown out of that we can to donate to the library soon.

4 thoughts on “Thrift Store Gems

  1. Ronalyn

    I really like the house and knowing how crafty you are – I know it’s going to look great as a barn! Fisher Price used to have a barnhouse (I remember having it) and I’m sure all of the toys that you are introducing him to would all be at a daycare center with both boys and girls playing with them.

    I can’t believe that scooter still has a sticker on it! Obviously it’s brand new!

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Yeah, the staff at the thrift store were amazed that that scooter was brand new too. It is perfect.

      I remember the FP barn – I may have had that. I think they make an updated version. I love that this is wooden and that they sell wooden animals.

      I need to find some scrapbook paper that looks like straw for the floors.

  2. Courtney

    GREAT idea with the barn! I would never have thought of that.

    For the noisy toys that Nana just loves buying our boys, I put packing tape over the speakers. It significantly mutes everything to a nicer level for mom 🙂

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