Thrift Store Gems

We made our weekly trip to the kids’ thrift store today. I was a little nervous because yesterday Jax had 6 tantrums in 20 minutes at the mall (and would have had more if we hadn’t left!) And, I had gone there for him to show him a kids’ concert! Ugh. Thankfully, he was a total angel today.

There were massive piles of books this week and they wanted you to pick 10 for $1. It was a little overwhelming to go through them all, but we chose them together until we got to 10. (And took 10 old, baby level books out of his stash to donate once we got home.)

We got: Animals (Brainy Baby), Animals (Brainy Baby), The Pigeon Loves Things That Go!, Spot Goes to School and Gallop!.

We got three Sandra Boynton books: Blue Hat, Green Hat, Barnyard Dance! and Let’s Dance, Little Pookie.

The last two appealed to the graphic designer in me: Animals and Fillmore And Geary Take Off! The Adventures of a Robot Boy and a Boy Boy. That one is a bit advanced and has paper pages, but I loved the illustrations.


I found two shirts for the summer – orange stripes and a cute retro ice cream design. I found shoes for the beach in his current size. Last year we bought them larger and they wouldn’t stay on. For $1.75, it’s okay if he grows out of them quickly! My favorite find is a pair of mint condition DC skater sneakers! They are a size up and so cute.

The final item was $1.75 and was Jax’s treat for being so good in the store. Since he has been studying the alphabet so much, he has come to love the word xylophone. He keeps asking to watch the xylophone Curious George episode on Net Flix. He was very excited to get this tiger one. It isn’t the greatest, but has more notes than his old baby one and you can use it as a piano too.

We stuck our heads into the adult thrift store, but nothing caught my eye.

Find any gems lately?

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