Itsy Bitsy Spider Quiet Book Page

The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Climbed up the water spout.
Down came the rain
And washed the spider out!
Out came the sun
And dried up all the rain.
So, the Itsy Bitsy Spider
climbed up the spout again!

An animated gif would gave been too big for this page, so you’ll have to suffer through my singing! It was a bit tricky holding the camera in my right hand and opening the flaps/moving the spider with my left hand, but I managed!

This page was a request on the Facebook page (come join in the fun!), and one I though about a lot before creating. While it would have been more accurate to have the spider crawl up inside the spout, it would have obscured the view of him and made it hard to show the rain “washing him out”.

I decided what was important to me was being able to show the various stage of the rhyme, showing the weather (and the before/after that happens when the weather changes) and letting Jax control the spider.

For this page I used: The pattern, background felt in a 9″ x 9″ sky blue square, green felt cut into fringe for grass, felt (in dark red, red, orange, yellow, yellow-orange, gold, green, sky blue, aqua, black and cream), light blue ric rac, tiny white ric rac (I didn’t have black), thin blue ribbon, thin gray ribbon, green looped ribbon, a button, sequins and embroidery floss.

To start, I pinned down the side of the house and the grass, then pinned and sewed the gutter on top of it. I pinned a piece of green ribbon in place for the flower stem then sewed the grass in place with 4 stitches at the bottom of each stem.


Sew the face onto the sun circle. I did a dashed line of stitches for a smile, three little stitches close together for a nose and sequin cheeks. For the eyes: I made a stitch, but before puling it tight, I made a tiny stitch across the center of it that held it in an arch shape. Pin the sun to the page on top of the rays and sew it down. I left the rays loose.

To decorate the “rainy” stage of the water spout, I sewed down some ric rac and felt raindrops. This goes on the water spout sewn to the page. To make the flap that covers it, sew the second (partial) water spout onto one of the house flap pieces, then sew them together, Sew it down to the page along the left side.

Next I made the rain scene. I sewed faces on the rain clouds the same as for the sun, but with French knots holding the sequins on. I sewed raindrops back-to-back onto the ends of ribbon scraps to make the rain. Pinning the clouds and rain to one side of the sky flap, I sewed everything down. Make sure the rain is not so long that it sticks out when the flap is folded down (the rain clouds will be upside-down when it is closed.)

I sewed two identical ladybugs. They have dashed smiles, French knot cheeks and eyes and black French knots holding the wings on the body. Lay everything for the ladybug rain scene out and sew it down: a dashed line down the middle of the leaf, a few stitches for each petal, a bunch of French knots at the flower’s center, a scrap of ribbon for the umbrella stem and stitches around the top and on the spines of the umbrella (leave the bottom open and stretch the felt a bit for a curved look). I added a button at the top of the umbrella – just because buttons are cute!

Figure out where on the page your sky flap needs to be so it covers the sun completely, then sew down a bit of the flower stem ribbon onto the other piece of the sky flap so that it lines up with the one on the page. Sew the flower and leaf the same as before. I place my ladybug in a slightly different spot, just because.

Sew the two sides of the sky flap together (the rainy side upside-down) and sew it to the page along the top.

For the spider I sewed eyes and a mouth on the front piece then layered ric rac and the end of a ribbon between the two sides of the spider’s body. I cut 4 pieces of ric rac and had them cross in the middle so they stuck out both sides. Sew around the spider’s body.

When sewing your page down to the backing, make sure to catch the other end of the spider’s “web” ribbon at the top so he is attached to the page. Stop and start at all the flap folds so you don’t accidentally sew the flaps closed. I used some cute paisley patterned felt as the back side of my page.

Jax can’t sing Itsy Bitsy Spider just yet (he does a great Twinkle Twinkle!) but he is starting to sing along to some of the words now that we have this page to play with. He especially loves the umbrella, which he calls a “boo-ya”!

What do you think?

36 thoughts on “Itsy Bitsy Spider Quiet Book Page

  1. Elise

    Ok this is hilarious. Until this very moment in my head the “water spout” was always a fountain. Never did it occur to me that it was like a gutter down spout. It makes so much more sense now.

  2. Barbara

    Just darling! I saw this and am in a race to finish the page by the time my granddaughter visits this weekend. Thanks for sharing your talents. (Did you notice that the pattern pages are on top of the penguin pattern?)

  3. Kimberly Gerhart

    Heading to JoAnn’s for a few supplies. Then I’m going to make this page for my son Ben. This is his favorite nursery rhyme. Thank you for all your wonderful creations. You inspire me to create

  4. AK Mama

    Which craft store do you buy your felt from? I live in a small town with not many options so I have to order online or buy on vacation. It’s hard to know the quality of felt without feeling it first. Thanks! Your pages are adorable!

    1. Stephanie Post author

      I buy my felt at AC Moore craft store and Joann’s Fabric store in sheets. I believe the brand is Eco-Fi. They have a good range of colors and are decent quality for the price ($0.25 – $0.35 each). You can order really nice wool felt online, but it is much more expensive.

  5. Martha

    Thank you for your patterns, I know as a mother of four how hard it is to make the time for these things, it has helped a lot for my quiet book! Could you give me some ideas for a twinkle twinkle little star page any ideas would be great! Thanks

  6. Dagmar

    HI I have a french not related question… How do you keep them from unravveling when the kids play with the pages? Somehow I only get every third or fourth one to be nice an tight… maybe I am still doing something wrong…

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Hm, I haven’t had any trouble with them unraveling, but I’ve been making them for years. They are one of those things you just have to practice to find what tension works best. I find that if I wind the thread around the needle to the point where if I do it any tighter, the needle eye wouldn’t fit through, I get a neat, tight knot.

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  8. Malorie Scott

    My 2 year old daughter loves your video on this page. Itsy Bitsy has always been her favorite. For the last few days she has been coming up to me and saying, “Want Itsy Bitsy. Can I have Itsy Bitsy Please?” It got to the point where I had to show her how to start it over herself. Needless to say, I started making the page last night. It will be my very first Quiet Book page ever for the Quiet Book I’m going to try to make for her for Christmas. Thank you for the inspiration and the video.

  9. Amy

    Are your children ALWAYS quiet? You have some AMAZING books here, I am thinking about making one for my 1 year old. Do you have any other nursery rhyme pages? Because I think that would be the most age appropriate for her!

  10. Carissa

    I absolutely LOVE this! I am making one right now! How do you make those cute knots for the flower, ladybug, etc?

  11. Cindy

    I just want to say, wow you are amazing! I’m reasonably new to sewing and new too busy books (finished my first a few weeks ago). Wish I’d seen your website sooner as there is so much I could have taken inspiration from! Will definitely keep following your page as I will start a second busy book for my 2nd son soon!

  12. Jill

    You make the CUTEST quiet books. I have usedSeveral of your pages as inspiration for mine. You make very CLEAN and EASY patterns/template as well. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Trudie

    Where do I click to get the pattern? I have made several of your beautiful pages and I have been able to click a PDF picture to receive the pattern, this post I have not been able to understand where to click. Are you doing something different.? I saw on the left a tool bar to download. Do I need to download this to receive the patterns?

  14. Charlene

    Your “Itsy Bitsy Spider”” book is adorable. Would it be all right for me to make some of these to sell at my church craft fair? Please let me know. Thank you. I want to check out other books you have made also.

  15. Erika Stacey


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  17. Mary Lee

    Working confidently on my quilt block now that I have your visual guidance! Many thanks. Since it will go into a quilt, I will have to modify it. Would love your suggestions. My spider will go up a downspout on a red barn, so I’m thinking of a dual image of in the rain(left)and same scene afterward (right). Can’t use any hard embellishment, so Fr. Knots & embroidery will have to do. Thanks in advance.

  18. Krisztina

    This is amazing!!!!! I have seen this page 2 days back, and I can’t help dreaming of making quiet books for my LO. I don’t have a stitching machine, so I need to figure out a glue-way, but you inspired me sooo much! Thank you for that!

  19. Kim Forrest

    Love this page. I really do appreciate the patterns and instructions. But I cannot figure out why there are 3 pieces of the house, I only see instructions for 2 pieces. Please tell me what I am missing.
    Thank you


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