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The weekend was way too short – mostly because Jax seems to be teething and spent most of it miserable. We all are in need of a good night’s sleep at this point.

I am in the planning stage of our next quiet book page. It is a reader request – an airport! I am thinking of having a helicopter, and airplane that lifts off, an airplane you can load with luggage and more. What do you think?

I’m also sewing a mini felt project that will be a part of the blog. I got it half sewn this afternoon after finishing up some of my freelance.

You can find me on Instagram as username iolstephanie. These are my photos from the past week.

One thought on “Life Via Instagram

  1. Britt Potter

    Yes!!! I am so excited for the airplane!! 🙂 my husband is military and sky dives out of planes for work- I cannot wait to incorporate something similar! 🙂 thanks so much


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