I Love Felt! Do You?

I love felt! Do you?

I might have a bit of a felt addiction… Do you? But who can blame me? It is colorful, soft and easy to work with! From the early baby toys/books I sewed for Jax when he was only 1.5 years old, to the educational (but fun!) pieces I am working on now – felt is the best!

I love felt! Do you?

Thank you!

Our little corner of Facebook is about to celebrate 3,000 likes! And I wanted to say “thank you” to YOU! Your kind words, encouragement and suggestions keep me inspired to continue to create. You can also find me on other social networks like Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Almost 3,000!

Almost 3,000!

How do you read your favorite blogs?

Felt Patterns on Imagine Our LifeI was a long-time devotee to Google Reader and I’m still mourning its loss. For now, I am trying out both Feedly and Blog Lovin. (If you are a user of Blog Lovin, you can follow this blog here.) But due to working part time from home (I’m a web/graphic designer), homeschooling Jax and constantly crafting, I am always a month behind in my blog reading! How do you read your favorite blogs? And do you have any great blog suggestions for me to add to my reading list?

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Once you’ve confirmed your subscription, you’ll get all our new posts sent to you as soon as they post! Fun and easy! I do this for a few of my favorite blogs that I want to stay current on.

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Let’s swap!

I’m still testing out having blog/shop banners and buttons on the site. I’d love to link up with a lot of relevant sites – sewing, felt, homeschool, Montessori… If you have a site and you’d like to purchase an ad, visit our Support/Sponsor page. Would you like to swap an ad and put my site on your page? Just contact me!

Thank you so much for following along with me and Jax on our adventures! I hope to have the patterns and tutorials up tonight or tomorrow for North America in our Montessori World Map project. Visit our Facebook page to vote for what is next!

I love felt! Do you?

5 thoughts on “I Love Felt! Do You?

  1. Shirley Gilchrist

    I have done minimal work with felt. After seeing the beautiful work that you have done, I plan to give it a try after I complete a couple of other projects.

    The map project is amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing the patterns.

    I noticed that the felt you use is a wool blend. Do you have any problems with moths?

  2. ellen

    Love your quiet book pages and have used some of them as inspiration for my own. My grandson loves the garbage truck. Have you ever done a page with garbage trucks and cans to dump?

  3. Lesley

    Thankyou so much Stephanie! For you creative and fantastic ideas that I love getting in my inbox, crafting is a passion that I recently expanded as a work at home mum with my little Mr2 and Miss 10 days. I love pricing one of you ideas to make just for my little man now and then to make something speciel just for him, and I look forward to making your ideas just for my new little miss. Your an inspiration!

    Kind regards


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