DIY Washi Phone Case

If you have an iPhone (like me) and a talent for dropping said iPhone (like me) then a good impact-proof case is a must. However, those strong cases are never cute. I need cute!

DIY Washi Tape Phone Case

DIY Washi Tape Phone CaseI’d been using Otterbox cases for years. They come in a lot of colors, but aren’t cheap, so I’m stuck with the same look for a long time. I was having trouble with the silicone part of the case wearing out and the hard part cracking, so my husband suggested I try Spigen cases. The color options are a bit better – the case is in two pieces and you can buy extra colors separately. However, I really didn’t like that the inside color was black on all but one and I was over solid colors. I ended up buying the one option that came with a gray inner piece and a silver outer piece (Satin Silver) with the intention of making it beautiful!

DIY Washi Tape Phone Case

Have you used washi tape? I’m sure there aren’t many people who haven’t at this point, but if not, go get some now! It is beautiful patterning masking tape that can be used for decoration and easily removed. It was the perfect solution to my ugly but functional phone case! I’ve been decorating my new case and switching it up every few weeks. So easy!

What I Used

DIY Washi Tape Phone Case

It’s as simple as cutting strips of tape and sticking them on the case! Take your phone out first so you can wrap the edges of the tape to the inside where they won’t be seen. Be creative! Sometimes I use all one pattern of tape. Sometimes I let the case color show through.

DIY Washi Tape Phone Case

Have you decorated anything unusual with washi tape?

4 thoughts on “DIY Washi Phone Case

  1. Shannon

    Is washi tape water proof? Mine gets wet… Drooly a lot so I have an otter box. I’ve actually been through three of them so far. I know! and I’m not even an accident prone person but my phone obviously is. Anyways id like to decorate mine but I’ve been wondering if it’s water resistant or not. Thanks and your phone looks fabulous.

    1. Stephanie Post author

      The washi tape doesn’t hold up forever. But that’s why it great if you get bored with your case often. The edges start to wear after two or three weeks for me. I currently have all blue chevron. I just soaks one corner if the tape and rubbed it in a bit and nothing happened. But perhaps you might need to change it a big more often?

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