Winter Games Homeschool Printables

Winter Games Homeschool Printables

The winter Olympics are always a favorite in our house. This year we can’t wait to share them with Jax! And, now that we are homeschooling, it’s such a wonderful opportunity to learn.

When I began preparing works based on the Sochi Olympics, I quickly realized I needed to make some printables. Montessori 3-part cards are such a wonderful resources to learn new nomenclature. I prepared a large pack of printables for him – and also for you!

If you follow us on Facebook, you probably already saw our winter Olympics pack. I wanted to get it out to everyone right away as I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to post it on the blog for a few days.

Winter Games Homeschool Printables

What’s Included

I created 3-part cards for all the base sport categories featured in the winter Olympics. I made both a photographic version and a version featuring the beautiful Russian pictograms created for the games.

Winter Games Homeschool Printables

A fun activity to do with both set is matching the pictogram to the correct photo. You can do this with the labeled card at first, them move to the unlabelled version. For now, I am just using the labelled cards with Jax.

Winter Games Homeschool Printables

Another feature of the Olympics that I wanted to feature was the medals. Jax will be hearing “gold medal” a lot and won’t necessarily understand that means 1st place. I wanted to teach him the three medals and which place they represent.

Winter Games Homeschool Printables

I created a little set of 3-part cards with the actual medal designs being used this year in Sochi. I also put together a little matching game with a key Jax can follow to match the correct medal to each place on the podium. He can add some of his wooden number cards to reinforce the activity.

Winter Games Homeschool Printables  Winter Games Homeschool Printables

The last printable I included was the Olympic rings. The logo was originally designed to feature all the colors in the flags of the countries competing. There are many more countries in today’s Olympics, but they all have at least one of the ring colors on their flags.

Winter Games Homeschool Printables

I made a color by number sheet so Jax can color his own Olympic rings. And to give him some self-correction of error, I included a color version of the rings that I printed and laminated.

Winter Games Homeschool Printables

Olympic Rings Craft

I’ve prepared a quick paper craft for Jax to do. This can be done with or without cutting. Your child can simply place the precut rings in their correct places and glue them down, or you can have them make a cut in each ring and interlock them.

To create the rings, I used two of my circle punches. I punched a 1.5″ hole in the paper, then centered that in my 2″ punch and cut out the ring. Two inch rings match the color printable perfectly.

I hope you enjoy these free winter Olympics printables! Do you have any fun ideas for this learning unit? Leave a comment for me or tag me on your Instagram photos @iolstephanie.

Winter Games Homeschool Printables

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6 thoughts on “Winter Games Homeschool Printables

  1. Helen Blake

    Hi – thanks so much for these – I am just printing them to teach my son – he’s nearly Jax’s age – 4 in March. I hadn’t thought to get involved with the Winter Olympics as I’m not a sporty person but his dad is and I thought it would be a learning opportunity for me too! So thank you for sharing. Also I think I might look for clips of each sport on youtube to show as I introduce each card/sport to give a ‘multi-sensorial’ approach???

    Love Helen in the UK

  2. Alice

    I love this idea! Thank you!

    Shouldn’t the third place be lower than the second place on the podium? Second and third aren’t equal.

  3. carrie

    We enjoyed the printables! Thanks so much. My 4 year old wanted to pick one event then act it out in the yard. We live in Florida so we had to be pretty creative using overturned bins and orange cones we were able to pretend play short track speed skating and nordic combined. Glad kids have a good imagination!!!!
    Thanks for the printables.

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