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Boy or Girl

In a recent Gallup poll, it was found that Americans would prefer to have a boy if they could only have one child, by a 40% to 28% margin. If you break down the results, it turns out it was the men who swayed the results, with 49% wanting a boy (22% preferred a girl). The women were evenly split at 31% for a boy and 33% for a girl. They also found that younger parents, those with lower incomes and Republicans all leaned toward having a boy.

What do you think this says about society today? Before I found out we were expecting a boy, I was leaning towards wanting a girl – but I was only 51% sure. I’m just such a girly girl! Plus, I grew up without any females around me, so it would have been a fun change. But, we were just as excited to find out we were having a boy. I couldn’t love my little rough-and-tumble dude any more!