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DIY Ribbon Station

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This couldn’t be easier!

I’m in the process of turning Jax’s old nursery (a room that adjoins our master bedroom) into a craft room. A spare room down the hall is becoming Jax’s big boy room. My budget is pretty much nonexistent, so I’m thrifting and salvaging whatever I can. On a recent trip to my childhood home, I picked up this old hutch shelf that was on the floor of the basement under our utility room table.

After driving it the 60 miles home, de-spider-egging it, sanding it and washing it, I had this:

Not a pretty sight…

It had good bones, and I am in need of craft room storage. eventually I’d like a table for the room that is wide enough to put these shelves on. For now, they will take up a chunk of my vintage desk. The desk came in the basement of our house when we bought it. Since the desk was painted white (but needed a fresh coat), I decided to paint the shelves as well.

For both the desk and the hutch, I used white paint that we had in the basement. I also used it on a vintage dresser from my childhood basement.

Once it was painted with two coats, I headed to the hardware store. I got a dowel, spray paint and screw-in eye hooks. (I already had the larger screw-in hooks.) My shelf was about 25.5″ wide inside the shelf. I had my dowel (which came in a 3′ length) cut down to 24″. I chose a 3/8″ dowel because it is strong and less likely to bow under the weight of the ribbon spools. It is exactly the width of the holes in most of my spool, so the smaller spools got put in vintage jars.

I screwed the eye hooks into the ends of the dowel and spray painted the whole thing, as well as the two hooks. When it was all dry, I screwed the hooks into the sides of the shelf and loaded my ribbon on the dowel. I ended up opening my hooks wider so I could slide the eye hooks down onto them easily.

Scissors on hand to cut my ribbon.

It was so simple, but works so well!

My shelves don’t have a lot going on yet (don’t mind that unpainted letter S up there – I just got it int he dollar spot at Target.) I haven’t even finished painted the room, so I’ve yet to fully move in. But I am so happy to get all those pretty ribbons out of ziplock baggies!

What do you think of how it turned out?

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