How To Sew Quiet Book Pages

Here is a little tutorial on how I sew up my final quiet book pages. My designs are 9″ x 9″ on a felt background. I sew my final pages using 9″ x 12″ felt sheets – white for the front and colored or patterned for the back. If your pages are a different size you’ll have to modify accordingly.

  1.  Pin your design to the white felt. I put mine close to the right edge but leave about a half inch.
  2. Zigzag stitch around all four sides. If you have dangly bits, make sure you hold them out of the way!
  3. On the reverse side, pin on the background (wrong sides facing.)
  4. Sew all the way around.
  5. On the front, I sew a line 1.75″ from the left edge. I use a hole on my machine as my guide.
  6. Sew another line just inside of it. I use my presser foot as my guide.
  7. Sew a line just to the side of the far left seam like in step 6.
  8. Gather what you need to put in grommets. I made a template so all of my pages would match up.
  9. Mark your holes. Place them in the channel you made for strength.
  10. Cut out holes as directed on your grommet package.
  11. Put in your grommets as directed on the package.
  12. All done!

When I have a 2-page spread, I sew the right-hand page with steps 1 – 4. Sew the left-hand page like steps 1 – 4 but align everything to the left of the page instead of the right. Place the pages together, right sides facing. Sew over the far left seam, then make the same seams as in steps 5 – 7. Continue on to make your grommets. You’ll now have a separate page you can take out of the book and the two halves will always stay together!

I hope this helps! I’ll post about my cover soon… I still have to make it!

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