New Playroom Shelves

I finally got shelves for Jackson’s playroom! Target had blue cube shelves on sale this week. They match our walls perfectly! I also chose three bins for the bottom row in fun colors found around the room. We put cars in one bin, balls in another, and random toys in the third.

I used a power screwdriver (and a stud-finder) for the first time while anchoring it to the wall! I need to load up my old iPod with kids tunes for when he is playing in there.

The shelves are a big novelty to Jax right now since they are so new. He wants to take everything off of them and dump out the bins! But he’s been learning to put toys away, so we’ll be working on that with these new shelves.

We need some posters or art for that wall still. There may a fun DIY project in our future!


3 thoughts on “New Playroom Shelves

  1. Ali

    I got the exact unit this week too. Mine is still waiting to be put together. Did you have any issues with putting it together?


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