How is your week going? It feels like it should be later in the week than Wednesday by now! Besides work and toddler-wrangling, I am starting another quiet book page.

Here are some links that caught my eye…

  • Someone built the house from “Up!” (A movie that made me CRY!)
  • I didn’t try to hit up Target for the Missoni collection yesterday. Alas, not in the budget. Anyone want to make Jax a small blanket inspired by their bright zigzag pattern? I crochet, but too slowly!
  • I heart all things chalkboard paint, so I’m all for this board book makeover!
  • This onesie bunting from Tradewind Tiaras couldn’t be more perfect for a baby shower! I bet you could use scrapbook paper as well.
  • I’m up to my eyeballs in felt lately, so this sweet leaf garland caught my eye.
  • What do you get when you combine my two recent addictions: spray paint and thrift store shopping? Check it out!

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