Sunday Souvenir – A Month for my Mother

October is breast cancer awareness month, so I am dedicating this month’s Sunday Souvenirs to my mother. She lost her battle with breast cancer when I was just five.

I wish I had wonderful memories of her to share and treasure, but I don’t. I don’t remember much about her at all. I have one memory of visiting her hospital room with a finger painting I made. I remember when my dad told us she had died. I was just too young.

Tonight I went through the beginning of my mother’s baby book. Her name was Donna Lynn – we share a middle name. I focused on her first birthday and some baby items since my baby boy is 1.5 now.

There is a beautiful baby necklace and bracelet set made of pinkish pearls. A silver and ivory teething ring. Silver bib fastener. I will be putting it all in a shadow box to hang on the wall when I find the right one.

I adore the photos of my mom from her first birthday. Her sweet face was in my mind as Jax ran to me to go get ready for bed once I’d finished taking pictures. For the first time, I realized how badly I wished my mom could have met Jax and seen the woman I’ve become. I’m crying a little as my sweet son snores on my shoulder.

I have so much to read in baby book about her first two years, but I have to wait until Jax isn’t near enough to rip the pages. when he is older, we can look through photos of his grandma together.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Souvenir – A Month for my Mother

  1. Lyndall

    It’s so sweet that you have these lovely keepsakes to remember your mum by, and to share them with Jax as he gets older. I think she looks so much like you, and like Jax as well.

    My dad passed away last November and I’m very sad he won’t get to meet his first grandchild next year. I’m going to be telling them lots of stories and showing them lots of pictures, so hopefully the baby will feel like they know him a little ♥

  2. Ronalyn

    Awesome entry!

    You are so lucky to have your mom’s baby book – I don’t think I have anything that was my mom’s when she was a baby.

    I also feel the same about my mom – I wish she was still around. No matter how old you are when you lose your mom, you miss her.

    I’m trying to figure out how to use your entry as a jumping board this month. Can’t relate to the Breast Cancer month theme, but maybe the mom theme?

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