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Dinosaurs! Roar! Here’s the next page in Jax’s quiet book. His book is seriously going to be 10″ thick… And there are more pages I want to add. I still haven’t decided how I’m going to do the cover/case.

This is a fairly simple page. It has ribbons for texture and a peekaboo flap with a baby dinosaur inside an egg. Here’s what I used: sky blue background felt, olive green ground felt, lots of ribbon scraps, felt (in 3 shades of green, brown, natural (the egg), camel (inside the egg and some spots) and pink (spots on egg)), batting/stuffing, pinking shears and embroidery floss to match.


Start with your sky blue background piece. Cut a piece of felt for the ground. I used olive green and cut a slight hill into the top. Pin the tree trunk in place and sew the ground down. Cut some leafy fern shapes out of green felt with pinking shears. I made 4. Sew them in a fan shape at the top of the tree. I sewed up the middle about 3/4 of the length. Sew the tree trunk down.

Dinosaurs: To make the faces, I made a stitch for an eyelash then a French knot eye. I stitched the smile in stem stitch. Stitch loops of ribbon along the spine – shorter at the tail and neck. Stitch long, thin “spikes” to the end of the tail. I used all kinds of ribbons and rickrack from my stash (many were scrapbooking ribbons) but you could use all one color.

Egg: Start out by sewing the grassy nest down where you want the egg to be. I cut 2 pieces for my egg out of a natural colored felt and one out of a camel color for the inside of the egg. Sew the inner egg to the grass and sew the dinosaur baby onto it. I took scraps of pink and camel to make splotches to sew onto one piece of the egg shell. Be creative and decorate your dinosaur egg however you’d like! Layer a loop of ribbon between the two outer egg pieces as a handle, then sew them together. Sew an inch long section of the outer egg down to make the flap.


To finish up, I sewed the big dinosaur down, then embroidered freehand “Stomp!! Roar…” into the lower left corner. You could do the same, or have a big “D” for dinosaur.


If you use this pattern, please add a comment or link to me. I really would love to see your version! I think I’m in love with the little baby dino.

Do you like the page?

10 thoughts on “Dinosaur Quiet Book Page

  1. terry

    I commented on my hubby’s Facebook as I don’t have a Facebook page. Hope to hear any updates you may have to share! I am sooo going to attempt this project thanks to your tutorials. Terry

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Thanks! I already have so many pages I may not have room in just one book for them! If you have any page requests or suggestions, just leave a comment or send an email.

      Watch out! Quiet books are addictive… 🙂

  2. Lorelei

    your books are amazing. I hope to use some of your patterns. Does your son like them? How did the plane trip go? My son is only 14 mo and he is not that into books, except the ones with flaps! Think I will give it a go. Thanks for all the info.

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  4. Haley

    Love love love your work!! I’ve complete several of your pages and wouldn’t have made them half as cute without your help. Thank you!!! I know you get many requests so here is mine: my son’s first birthday is April 24. I am giving him his quiet book for his birthday (to be played with supervision) 🙂 and he is having a sock monkey party. I really want to include a sock monkey page but I’m terrible at freehand. Is there anyway you can create a sock monkey themed page? It doesn’t have to be real elaborate. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  5. Jamie

    I love all your pages, I did this Dino page since I ran out of green felt I made the dinosaurs Orange. My little guy loves it! Thanks for all your great ideas.


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