The Happy Bat Necklace

Here’s a little felt tutorial for you! I made a quick Halloween necklace during a break from sewing quiet book pages.

Make Some Happy Bats:

  1. Grab the pattern here. Cut out two felt bat pieces (front and back) for each bat. The small bats can be tricky to cut out! I did one side at a time, then matched them up and trimmed.
  2. Embroider the faces: Satin stitch fangs, back stitch smiles and French knot eyes. Be creative!
  3. Sew the center bat pieces together with a blanket stitch around the edges.
  4. Cut two 10″ lengths of your ribbon. I used a thin black satin and transparent purple.
  5. Layer a small bat around the edge of the center bat with the ends of one set of ribbons coming out of the other side. Blanket stitch around the edges, making small stitches when you cross the bat and ribbons.
  6. Repeat on the other side.
  7. Try the necklace out for length and trim the ribbons as needed. Using jewelry pliers, attach your ribbon clamp clasp. Mine came with some chain for adjustability.


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