Sunday Souvenir – First Words and Childhood Scrapbook

I missed last week’s Sunday Souvenir due to being sick, so today’s will be a two-fer. I’m almost over this cold, but buried in work and Christmas present crafts so I’m still trying to catch up here.

First Words

I’m not entirely sure what my first words were, but my baby notes mention that I say “Da-ddy” and “Bye-bye” at 38 weeks old. At 11 months old the notes say “Says ma-ma” sometimes. Very stubborn about doing things like patty-cake or saying words.”

Jax’s first word was “da-da” as well. It took him a lot longer to say mama, perhaps because he was always with me.

The next section of notes were a collection of things I’d said when I was little – most likely between 1 and 3 years old. My favorite quotes are: “No, Mousie. My lunch!” (Mousie was our cat), “Rub my bottom” (??? hehe) and “There’s hic-cups on you, Mommy!”


I am doing something similar now that Jax is starting to talk more. But, as a sign of the times, I am recording his quotes into a Twitter account. He is just starting to make 2 word sentences and is picking up new vocabulary like crazy.

Childhood Scrapbook

The above scrapbook was just for me. It catalogs all the cards I received (and some I gave my parents) plus drawings, notes and stickers. The scrapbook my mom made that I’m most in love with was made up almost entirely of cut up magazines. It is sooo 70’s and totally wonderful!


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