Crewel Embroidery

My next quiet book page is currently being sewn (sneak peeks here), but I wanted to share some photos of another crafty love of mine: crewel embroidery!

I grew up in a family where the majority of the females did needle arts – some cross stitch, some all forms of needlework. My mom, who I lost just before I turned 5, embroidered as well. There are pieces around my dad’s house I hope to save. Mostly needlepoint and crewel. Crewel was popular in the 70’s and fit well with the styles of the times.

the original

I’m especially fond of Jacobean crewel. So pretty! I have a tote bag sewn by my mom (most likely from a kit) that I just adore! A few years ago I started recreating the design in updated colors. I started by free-hand drawing the design on the fabric with a water-soluble fabric pen. (The frame I am using here is a Q-snap. Love it!) One day I’ll finish it and turn it into a wall piece or pillow.

I’ve learned a lot along the way – teaching myself the stitches from an old crewel embroidery book of my mom’s. Some of my beginning stitches were pretty bad – I’m definitely going to take out a lot of the stem stitch because it came out like a satin stitch. But, I think it is coming along pretty great!

Crewel certainly takes a lot of patience, but the effect is worth it, in my opinion!

5 thoughts on “Crewel Embroidery

  1. April Layna

    Seriously my friend, is there nothing you can’t do? You make me feel so lazy and uncreative!!!!! Beautiful work! Jax will turn out to be one talented child no matter which direction he goes between check or musician or artisan!

  2. Margaret macrae

    I am desperatly searching for disney characters in crewel and embroidery. Can you hel me? Thank you
    Margaret Macrae


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