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Curl up snug in your water bed

Many of you parents know of Raffi and one of his most famous songs, “Baby Beluga” (and if you don’t, Amazon has the mp3 for $0.99!) I fell in love with it the first time I heard it, and when I came across this beautiful board book, I jumped at the chance to learn the lyrics.

The book takes Raffi’s lyrics and sets them into a story illustrated by Ashley Wolff. Jackson just loves to point to the polar bears, and I was instantly won over by the narwals!

I started singing “Baby Beluga” to Jax whenever he was upset – especially during car rides. It helps him calm down every single time. I do have to keep singing it again and again if he is less than pleased about being in the car. The things we do for our little ones (and a sane drive home!)

This book is always the first book Jax picks up out of his bedroom book basket. A warning: Once you learn the song, you’ll find the book impossible to read… You’ll have to sing it!