Cookie Shapes & Colors Quiet Book Page

The next set of pages for Jax’s quiet book is done! This cookie-themed layout helps practice shapes, colors and buttoning. One side has the dough where you can match the cookie shapes. There is a spatula you can put cookies on. It’s attached by Velcro and a ribbon so it can’t get lost. The facing page has a cookie sheet where you can match the cookie frosting to the button colors. There is also a glass of milk to “dunk” them in.


The supplies I used were: two sheets of turquoise felt cut to 9″ squares for the background, felt (in white, light gray, dark gray, black glitter, tan, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, light blue and purple), clear vinyl, ribbon, Velcro, a gray button, 2 buttons for each rainbow color, batting, and matching embroidery floss/sewing thread. You could swap your buttons on the shape side with shape buttons if you had them. I was trying to save money.

I hand-sewed everything on the cookies: the frosting to the top, top to the bottom, then homemade buttonholes. You could machine-sew, but I already had the thread colors as embroidery floss. Took me about 30 minutes per cookie by hand. I cut a rectangle of grey with rounded corners for the cookie sheet. I machine-sewed it twice around the edge to give it dimension. The milk glass was done on the machine except for some stem stitch to show the surface of the milk. The vinyl was left open at the top to make a pocket.

The cookie dough was machine-sewed on and all the buttons sewn on by hand. I made sure one end of my 8″ ribbon was under the dough when I sewed it, then the other end was in the spatula handle. The spatula was all hand-sewn with a layer of batting. The piece making up the main “metal” piece went down into the handle for stability. I also stitched some lines into it for both looks and sturdiness. The button was one from my stash that came as a spare with some item of clothing. I just picked a dark gray one that was the same size as the others. There is a square of black Velcro on the back of the spatula and the other half, in tan, on the dough.

So far, Jax loves to dunk his cookies (“Dip! Dip!”) but can’t undo the buttons on his own. This will help him learn. I created a free pattern for your personal use as I went along. Let me know what you think of it! Please share photos or a link if you create your own version. Jax and I would love to see!

I’ll be starting the next page tomorrow – Starbucks inspired! I’ve already cut out most of the felt. If you missed them, here are the space pages I finished with free patterns.

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