Loving It – Sewing With Felt

I’ve totally fallen in love with sewing with felt since starting my quiet book project. You know that feeling when you try out a new craft and it just feels right? That.


Our current budget only allows me to get cheapy ¢25 felt sheets from the craft store and design my own patterns, but I love to drool over gorgeous felt craft books! Big Little Felt Universe has a felt s’mores set. I *need* to make that! At least we can get a taste of that book. Click the banana split below for a free sample pattern! I really need this book…

image via Lark Crafts

Do you have any felt craft books you’ve enjoyed? I’d love to add more to my wishlist…

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3 thoughts on “Loving It – Sewing With Felt

  1. Kelly

    I have the ‘Big Little Felt Universe’, and everything in it is sooo adorable! All the little details that she puts into the projects are amazing. I haven’t actually made anything yet because I got side tracked on my own Quiet Book, but definitely worth the buy.

  2. Jennifer

    Quick question –
    I am at the planning stage of my son’s quiet book. I love the look of the felt, but I’m concerned about it wearing thin. (I’m thinking back to craft projects of yesteryear) . Have you noticed this as a problem? I’m debating felt vs cotton fabrics. Thanks so much for any help!


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