When Did You Cut Your Baby’s Hair?

When did you first cut your baby’s hair?

I’ve had my heart set on growing out Jax’s hair a bit. He’s my nature-loving hippie boy and drum-loving rocker boy. But his hair has other plans.

He was born with a thick head of dark brown hair. At 3 months old, he started losing it – but only on the top of his head! We called him Costanza. We had a lot of hats. By 7 months, the ring of hair he had left was really patchy and looked like he had mange, so I shaved it off. Blond peach fuzz was growing in where the hair had fallen out of top.

Today, he has dark blond hair that is long at the neckline and a strip like a mohawk down the middle. The sides have short patches. His temples still haven’t filled in, though there is a bit of fuzz at the edges. It’s finally thickening up a bit – I can see short hairs sticking through when I comb back the longer parts. But, it’s a hot mess. There’s nothing I can do to make it look good at so many different lengths.

So I think my dreams of his hair being long will be out on hold, and we’ll get his hair cut this week when his daddy goes. I’ll be sad, but hair grows back!

When did you take your baby for their first haircut? How did it go?

3 thoughts on “When Did You Cut Your Baby’s Hair?

  1. Tracy

    Austin’s first hair cut was somewhere around 16 months. His hair was thick but unmanageable. He had what his sister and I called “Hamster head” cause it looked like a hamster had been chewing on the back of his head. His first hair cut wasnt much of an improvement, the girl cleaned it up and it looked more styled but he still had hamster head. Just before his second birthday we went for the short spikey look and I love it. But Im kinda toying with the idea of growing it again.

  2. Brian

    We cut William’s hair for the first time at 10 months. He had a Fauxhawk because the hair on the top of his head grows like weeds, but the sides, bot so much. The top had gotten so high that it literally was like 3-4 inches off of his head. Still has the fauxhawk, but it is much more manageable.

    He sat on my lap and he did ok. He cried a little bit, but it was also really late in the day too. So, we’ll see how haircut number two goes.


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