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How much do you spend on toddler shoes? I always want to spend the least amount possible when it comes to clothes for Jax – he grows out of them so fast! But, is it a good idea to go cheap when it comes to shoes?

I am just starting to build a fall wardrobe for Jax (obviously nothing from last year when he was 6 – 10 months old fits him now) and got lucky with some good shoes from the thrift store for only $2.50 a pair. When looking at new shoes in the stores, there are certainly cheaper options for $15 – $20, but for little feet still getting used to walking and running, are they a good idea? You want them to be built in a way that will support their feet in the healthiest way possible. But I don’t want to spent $46 dollars!

I was in Nordstroms with Jax (we park there at the mall because they have the best bathroom with a nursing room) and paused to check out the sale rack of shoes. I saw these green sneakers a size up from where he is now and couldn’t put them down. I took Jax out of the carrier and let him run around in them. They stay on but with tons of room and actually fit his thick feet. And: So. Stinking. Cute. And $20 off! I always check online on my phone before buying things, and everyone had them for $45 or $46.

What ultimately made it impossible for me to put them back on the shelf was the fact that Jax’s Halloween costume will be head-to-toe green. And I plan to make the top half a hoodie he can wear as a coat past Halloween. I’m so in love with them! It makes the fact that his hand-me-down orange sneakers are getting too small a little easier to bear.

So, while it felt painful to buy shoes for $26, I do realize they are a great deal, really good for his feet, and perfect for both his costume and wearing every day. But I’m cheap and don’t like to spend that much on *my* shoes. When I do splurge, I end up with good shoes that last a long time. I need to find that balance between quality and value.

What do you think, dear internet? How much are you willing to spend on your little ones’ shoes? Any favorite pairs?

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  1. Sheila

    I try to get shoes on sale too and a lot of times I find them 1/2 price when Nordstrom has a sale. Since I have 3 kids the BOGO 1/2 off at Stride Rite is good as well. An occasional trip to the outlets is nice. Shoes are one thng I do not go cheap on, and if the kids need them and there is no sale I buy them. I don’t mind putting my kids in pre-owned stuff but my mom convinced me they should not wear pre owned shoes, because the foot pattern left on the shoe is different for each child and may not be good for their feet. I love the green shoes you got Jax- I saw them at Nordstrom when I got shoes for Steven this week! I thought about getting Steven a pair but I usually do not shop up as far as sizes goes once they are walking and those shoes are something I would buy only for a walking baby. Enjoy the shoes, great buy!


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