Learning to Drink From a Cup

We’ve been practicing drinking from open-top cups in the bathtub where he can spill all he wants. But, silly baby decided it’s easier to drink straight from the tap!

Jax currently uses straw sippy cups. He’s still fond of dumping liquids at the first chance he gets. How did you transition your toddler to regular cups?

One thought on “Learning to Drink From a Cup

  1. Taki Donovan

    Hi Stephanie,
    Your pages are an inspiration! I am having fun making one for my grandson.
    I am working on a sock page now and wondered about the use of the magnets. I got a roll of magnetic ‘stuff’ at AC Moore, the kind that has sticky tape on one side. It doesn’t seem to be very strong- I put small pieces in the top edge of each sock, then a piece behind the sock stitched to the page but there isn’t much attraction between the two. I did make sure that I have the magnets facing in the right direction for each other.
    Let me know if the magnets are required (everything is fuzzy felt) and if you have another source besides AC Moore to get the little round ones that seem to be what you used.
    I hope you are having a wonderful time with your new baby. Life is really busy I am sure


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