iPhone & Pocket Watch Quiet Book Page

This page is dedicated to the late Steve Jobs, whose innovations shaped my generation. RIP.

Another page done for the quiet book! Phones and clocks are classic pages that are almost always included, but I just wasn’t feeling the rotary phone and boring clock.

When I started brainstorming how to update them, I knew I wanted to do my white iPhone. Jax has a play phone app and loves to hold it up to his ear and say “Yeah-Oh?” (hello). I wanted to combine the clock with the phone since both deal with numbers and using household gadgets. My first idea was to have a slap bracelet covered in felt with a felt clock face to make a wristwatch, but I thought the scale wouldn’t work. Since phones go in pockets, I settled on a pocket watch and a big jean pocket to put them in!


My materials were: a 9″ blue felt square (you could use denim or even cut up jeans, but both items might not fit in the pocket), felt (in white, red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, white, dark gray and light gray), clear vinyl, batting/stuffing, thin white ribbon, 7/8″ – 1″ wide ribbon 1 inch longer than your page width, a paper fastener and floss/thread to match. Everything was hand-sewn except the vinyl, but you could use the machine for parts.

Sewing the iPhone: I appliqued the symbols to each button and outlined them in white stitching. I hand-stitched the phone numbers to the dark gray screen in stem stitch and the “HELLO!” to the aqua header in running stitch. I sewed the buttons, header and light gray top bar to the screen then sewed that to the phone front. I sewed the home button to the front as well, then did some embroidery and a French knot to make the speaker and front camera. On the sewing machine, I sewed clear vinyl over the phone screen. On the back of the phone, I sewed the camera circle and Apple logo. Layering batting and the end of a white ribbon, I sewed front and back together.

Sewing the pocket watch: I hand-stitched the clock numbers to the face with stem stitch. I made the clock hands by sewing two layers of felt together for each, then pushed a paper fastener through the ends of both. I pushed the fastener through the clock face and bent the backs so that there was plenty of height for the hands to turn around. I sewed the face to the front of the clock. I sewed the end of a white ribbon between the two pieces of clock dial, then layered that and some batting between the two clock sides and sewed them together. I actually added a small rattler to my clock. I got a stained baby toy for 50 cents at the thrift store and cut it open. I don’t need my quiet book to be silent.

I decorated my pocket with two rows of stitching along the top and used my paper pattern to do two rows for the decorative arch. I sewed the other ends of the two ribbons down under where the pocket would go, then sewed three sides down with double rows of stitching. I sewed the three belt loops on and ran a ribbon through it, tacking it down on each side on the back.

What do you think? For more free quiet book patterns, go here! If you use this pattern, please add a comment or link to me. I really would love to see your version!

6 thoughts on “iPhone & Pocket Watch Quiet Book Page

  1. mmhowardslp

    How do I print the templates so the writing is legible? I cannot read the words that are printed on each piece of the template. Thank you so much for providing these! I cannot wait to start a quiet book for my little guy. 🙂

  2. kate B

    I used your tutorial this week to make this! It’s the first page of my quiet book, so I’ll post photos once I’m done! Thanks for posting this, you’re instructions we’re super straight forward!

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Oh, I’m excited to see your version! I haven’t seen this pattern done by anyone else yet. It’s a pretty ambitious one with all the iPhone details.

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  5. Cheryl

    Stephanie, thank you so much for creating AND posting all these quiet book pages. I realize that you have since moved on to new things as your kids grow. (But if you’re ever in a mood to return to quiet books, I would LOVE a police-themed page!). I’m currently doing this page, and purchased a 10 second recordable sound card that I’m inserting into the phone. I’m hoping that my personalized voice message will add another fun dimension to what is already an awesome page. Again….thanks!!


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