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The week flew by and the weekend went even faster! I’m doing my best to try to balance work, freelance, blog and sewing. Oh, and a toddler! And, now it’s time to redo my hair, which I keep in braids. I need more hours in each day…

I’m currently working on my version of a purse quiet book page – a beach bag! The other side of the page is a flip flop matching game. After that, I’m moving on to the Itsy Bitsy Spider. I just have to figure out what exactly a “water spout” is and when the rain comes down “and washed the spider out,” was he *inside* said water spout, or is “washed him out” just an expression. Most likey, I’m being too literal, as usual!

I’m trying to decide what tasty treats to bake this week. Last week we made oatmeal cookies. Any ideas?

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  1. [email protected]

    A waterspout is the the thing that drains the water from your roof, through the gutters and down the spout out onto the grass or street or whatever. Just away from your house to protect the foundation/wood/stucco. They’re often called downspouts.

    I’m guessing the spider was living inside the spout because he was washed out of it, not off of it.

  2. Sheri Homer

    I have been following your blog and making the pages. I can not get the template for
    the Breakfast page. Do you have any directions?
    Thanks for all of your sharing.


  3. Sheri Homer

    Thank you so much Stephanie. My grandson Max is just about your Jax’s age so I have loved all of the information that you share. Your quiet book designs are so much fun to make. He is just getting used to using his book and I add pages a little at a time. Thanks, again


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