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Life Via Instagram

Finally downloaded the last 177 photos I’ve taken recently with my iPhone, so now I’m caught up with my Instagram collages! One of them is the week before our trip, and the rest are from the beach.

This week I’m working, unpacking and preparing for a huge community yard sale this weekend. I really don’t like sorting and pricing everything, but it has to be done! Do you you price items for your yard sales ahead of time, or do you wait until people ask?

I recently asked a question on the Facebook page about how much people would be willing to spend on one of my completed quiet book pages. I get email inquiries, but they take SO much time to sew. My time makes me more money if I do graphic design work. But, I’d love to switch some of my work hours over to crafting, so perhaps I can sell some patterns. Others have suggested kits or pre-cut felt, mass-producing one or two pages per month to sell and small, themed books/patterns. What do you think?

Back From The Beach

Yesterday we made the 6 hour drive home from our week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It’s good to be home, but I miss the ocean and pool already!

We go to the beach in the beginning of May every year. This year, I was expecting a whole lot of fun with my little 2 year old. Last year he enjoyed the pool, but we were just carrying him around int he water. He had enjoyed the beach, but fell asleep in our tent after very little sand play. I had big visions of all the fun beach and pool time we’d have this year… And I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Turns out, Jax is old enough now to be afraid. He was scared of the pool and wouldn’t go in. We eventually convinced him to play beside the pool with water squirters and a bucket. He thought that was great and started asking to go back to the “pool beach” constantly. I was a little sad he wouldn’t go in, though. We specifically chose a heated pool and it was heavenly.


As for the beach… If Jax could sum up his opinion of it in one word, it would be “dirty!” As soon as we arrived, we all headed down to the beach for a walk. He freaked out immediately and demanded to “Go home! Go inside!” I had to take him in to calm down while everyone else walked. It was quite windy that day, so I assumed that was the problem. On a warm, calm day, we took him out again. We had set up a beach tent and blanket. He spent the majority of his short time out there standing in the tent crying about going home and the dirty sand. We tried very hard to show him how fun building sand castles was. He did make one trip to pick out sticks to put on top of our castle, but then wanted to be held and cleaned off. I took him back in before he got too stressed out. I made sure to have beach time throughout the rest of the trip, but not nearly the amount I’m used to. I stuck to carrying him in our Beco.

Towards the end of the trip, Jax woke up around 10pm beside me with a horrible choking cough and made it hard to breathe. By the next day he had a cold, which is now full blown. It made the drive home pretty uncomfortable for him, but we made it through!

We didn’t bring many toys to the beach house. I brought him for soft blocks that were lightweight to pack and all of my recent quiet book pages. What were his favorite pages? The Cooking Breakfast page (with the food from the Starbucks page as well) and Ice Cream Parlor were his absolute favorites. He loved “cooking” and egg sandwich and bringing it to us saying, “Mama, it’s a nice sandwich!” He names all the ice cream flavors and told me the rainbow flavor was mango.


Also big hits were the Sandcastle and Beach Bag & Flip Flop pages. He really liked his little iPhone and the watermelon.


I’ve been working on my next page – a farmer’s market with vegetables! The background is 98% done and I’m working on the cute felt veggies. You can follow my progress on the Facebook page. When I’m done, I’ll be starting a cupcake oven.

Life Via Instagram

We had a rough start to our weekend. Jax is getting his 2 year molars and barely slept Friday night. This turned into not napping Saturday. He was miserable. It was our 11 year wedding anniversary and I spent a good chunk of it soothing Jax. He eventually fell asleep after 5pm, only to wake up 45 minutes later. A trip to our neighbor’s house for s’mores cheered him up, though he wasn’t interested in the food. He loved the attention once he decided he didn’t have to be grumpy.

I haven’t started my next quiet book page, building a sandcastle, because I was working on another project (along with all the toddler drama. I was sewing myself a summer top! I’ll take photos and post all about it. Tomorrow morning I’ll get the quiet book pattern started before work. I’ll be posting sneek peek photos on the Facebook page.

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Life Via Instagram

The weekend was way too short! I got my next quiet book page – an ice cream parlor – drawn and half sewn. I redid a dozen of my braids. I had brunch with my boys then walked to the playground. I didn’t get enough sleep. Time for another Monday…

YOu can find me on Instagram at username iolstephanie.

Life Via Instagram

Another week has flown by… Have you ever noticed how if you start doing something only once a week at the same time, life seems to speed up?

I am working on sewing and embellishing the Itsy Bitsy Spider quiet book page. I want to add some cute details and really focus on making it so Jax can “control” the weather and follow along with the rhyme.

Since I am at the sewing stage, I am already thinking ahead to the next page so I can start planning it in my head. I have a poll up on the Facebook page so you guys can help me pick what to do next: an ice cream parlor, bonfire with s’mores or sea life finger puppets!

Here is my week in Instagram photos. You can find me there at username iolstephanie.

Life Via Instagram

The week flew by and the weekend went even faster! I’m doing my best to try to balance work, freelance, blog and sewing. Oh, and a toddler! And, now it’s time to redo my hair, which I keep in braids. I need more hours in each day…

I’m currently working on my version of a purse quiet book page – a beach bag! The other side of the page is a flip flop matching game. After that, I’m moving on to the Itsy Bitsy Spider. I just have to figure out what exactly a “water spout” is and when the rain comes down “and washed the spider out,” was he *inside* said water spout, or is “washed him out” just an expression. Most likey, I’m being too literal, as usual!

I’m trying to decide what tasty treats to bake this week. Last week we made oatmeal cookies. Any ideas?

Life Via Instagram

I didn’t get a chance to sew this past week, so that is my goal for this coming week. We were having trouble with teething interrupting bed and nap times. It was a long week! But today we were rewarded by Jax climbing into his bed on his own, singing himself the ABC’s and curling up to nap. Sweet boy!

Life Via Instagram

I think it will work out best to do weekly iPhone photo dumps on Saturdays. Fridays are so busy with me trying to get in enough work hours for the week, so it is hard to blog regularly.

Life is happily busy right now. Jax turns two on February 5th and I am deep in party prep for his sushi-themed bash. I am painting paper lanterns and folding hundreds of tiny origami cranes! Hopefully I can also get some quiet book sewing in, but forgive me if I don’t get a pattern up before the party!

I have a project I hope to post tomorrow, but I haven’t gotten to work on it today. We got home from errands and the baby has been passed out on me ever since! Tired, growing boy!

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Life Via Instagram

Psst! Have you entered to win my hand-sewn quiet book?
You have until Thursday at noon!

I got behind in my monthly Instagram dumps, so I have a ton to post! I’m thinking I may just start posting them on Fridays. So here is everything up until around last Friday…

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Some Things I Learned In 2011

1. Take time to smell the flowers. Nothing is so important you can’t pause to spend 5 minutes with your loved ones.

2. I don’t feel anywhere near as old as I am. That’s a good thing, right?

3. I’m really good at leaving sippy cups behind.

4. Babies grow up too fast.

5. I still hate making phone calls for work, but I’m getting better at it.

6. It’s hard not having family close by. I’m a little jealous of those that do, but I’m grateful for what I have.

7. I don’t think I could ever kiss my sweet son enough.

8. I’m not as nervous about flying with a little one now that I’ve done it.

9. I can change a diaper super fast. Even when that baby is running away from me!

10. Bubbles are amazing when you’re one.

11. I’m more materialistic than I’d like to be. When I lose a favorite thing, it really pains me.

12. It doesn’t need batteries or licensed characters to be fun. This wooden kiddie car has been in our family 100 years. Jax adores it!

13. I’m actually glad that co-sleeping keeps me from turning the tv on in bed. I barely watch tv anymore, and I don’t mind. I read instead! Also, toddlers fill an entire king-size bed.

14. Sitting quietly in a morning sunbeam can brighten your whole day.

15. I need to make more friends.

16. Nightly toddler baths may take up my evenings, but I know I’ll miss them when they’re gone.

17. I’m pretty sure I won’t have the time or money to do all the creative projects in my head until Jax is off on his own. I’m trying to find a balance.

18. I hate cilantro. It tastes like day-old garbage to me. But I might be broken.

19. Teething is hard.

20. I’m trying to practice cooking more, but I’m really not good at it. Probably because I grew up with just my dad and his very limited culinary skills. But, I do love to bake! Let’s live off cookies!

21. I run errands when I’m lonely for adult interaction.

22. I’m really going to miss nursing when Jax weans. It exhausts me at times, but I couldn’t feel more bonded to him.

23. It’s weird and amazing when your child starts to talk.

24. I didn’t feel like myself in the months my hair wasn’t in braids. I chopped it all off to start fresh then hid it under hats until it was long enough to braid again.

25. I’m not sure anyone lives more in the moment than an almost-2-year-old.

26. I am always wishing I could buy myself new clothes and accessories, but I buy Jax clothes instead. After all, he’s the one constantly growing.

27. My baby loves “sushi”! (He eats miso soup soaked rice with heaps of tofu, crab sticks and edamame.) If you ask him what he wants for dinner, the answer is always “sushi”!

28. Aim high. Higher than you think you can reach. You may surprise yourself.

29. Time speeds up when you are a mom.

30. I wish I had more time to clean and organize during the times I am full of energy. I find it satisfying. I used to offer to clean friend’s rooms growing up.

31. Dogs are expensive. Benny’s current ear infection will likely cost us $1k we can’t afford. It’s a doozy.

32. I’m a little overwhelmed but the tantrums that are beginning to happen. But I try hard not to let them frazzle me.

33. Acknowledge and respect your children when they have something to say – even when they are just starting to talk. I was hushed often as a child and I realize now it hurt.

34. I love the iPhone I got this year. I don’t miss my Droid a single bit. And now that my whole side of the family has either iPhones or iPads, Jax gets to do FaceTime with them.

35. Make some time to get messy and creative. I always feel better after creating something beautiful.