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Finally downloaded the last 177 photos I’ve taken recently with my iPhone, so now I’m caught up with my Instagram collages! One of them is the week before our trip, and the rest are from the beach.

This week I’m working, unpacking and preparing for a huge community yard sale this weekend. I really don’t like sorting and pricing everything, but it has to be done! Do you you price items for your yard sales ahead of time, or do you wait until people ask?

I recently asked a question on the Facebook page about how much people would be willing to spend on one of my completed quiet book pages. I get email inquiries, but they take SO much time to sew. My time makes me more money if I do graphic design work. But, I’d love to switch some of my work hours over to crafting, so perhaps I can sell some patterns. Others have suggested kits or pre-cut felt, mass-producing one or two pages per month to sell and small, themed books/patterns. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Life Via Instagram

  1. Loree

    I think the pre cut felt kits with all the supplies would be your best bet to start with! I wouldn’t want to miss out on your free patterns, and I can do the sewing and cutting myself, but some people may not have craft stores close enough to go buy everything. I would prefer to still be able to get your patterns for free (I am always so scared to actually draw everything out myself) so that is why I suggested the kits, the best of both worlds I think! Hopefully that helps 😉

    1. Stephanie Post author

      I think if I sold patterns, they would be for mini quiet books – like the Valentine’s one. I think I’d still do the normal pages free, but perhaps offer custom pattern design.

      I’ll need to look into costs for making kits and see how long mass-cutting will take me! Also, I’d have to do shipping of I do kits. Not excited about that with a toddler in tow… 😛


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