Valentine Mini Quiet Book

Win this book below!

I created a pattern for a sweet and simple mini (6″ square) quiet book to share with you all. Do you have a little one you’d like to give a Valentine to?

Front/Back Cover
Flowers & Chocolates
Weaving Heart & Cupcake
Book Assembly & Giveaway (this page)

Book Assembly: Fold your three double pages in half – the cover should have the designs on the outside of the folds, the other two pages should have the designs on the inside of the folds. Pin your pages together as shown. They will form a little book.

Make three passed on your sewing machine (you can also hand-sew!) – one for each double-sided page. You will be sewing three sides on each page: top, outer edge and bottom. Everything but the spine. Start at the spine at the top of the book, go down the outer edge, and across the bottom back to the spine. Repeat for all three pages. Trim up your felt edges as needed and you’re done!


If you make one of these little Valentine books, stop by the Facebook page and share some photos!

Don’t sew or don’t have time? You could win my sample book shown above!

Just leave a comment here on this blog post. I will be including one felt envelope and letter made from my mail pattern. This book is for children aged 3 and up do to small parts. We don’t want any little ones eating felt chocolates! I recommend adult supervision at all time with any younger child.

Your entry must include: a valid email address (so I can reach the winner) and who would be the recipient of the book if you won. Please use the blog’s comment form, not the Facebook form.

The nitty gritty: I have two hairy dogs, a golden and a chow, so if dog allergies are an issue, please be aware! I’ll take a lint roller to it, but they are shedding like whoa right now! And, you need to have a shipping address I can send the book to, obviously! Comments are held for approval for all first-time commenters, due to spam, but I’ll try to approve them as quickly as possible.

The contest is open to entries until around noon Eastern time on Thursday, January 19th. I will announce the winner that afternoon. I will send it off to the winner the next day if they reply promptly with their address.

Good luck!

34 thoughts on “Valentine Mini Quiet Book

  1. Sharon

    I don’t know where you find the time…your work is gorgeous. I just made bean bag chairs for my daughters classroom.

  2. Sharun

    Beautiful! I know that Ashlee would LOVE to have this!

    ps… Thanks for all the tutorials… I love your ideas…

  3. Mary Ann

    I would love to win this for my son James and daughter Cate…too cute. If I’m not the winner guess I’ll use the pattern to start stiching one for myself. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas!

  4. Becky

    My son, who is turning 3 in March, loves playing with quiet books. He has a great attention span for these kinds of things! Thanks for the patterns.

  5. Lauren

    This is so cute!! I’m currently doing a bunch of your pages and if it wasn’t for you my book probably wouldn’t be as awesome! Thanks so much for all your tutorials and templates! I would love to get my hands on this book for my sweet little niece!

  6. Adriene Howorth (Addie)

    I actually have Two little cousins this lovely creation would be perfect for .. but as there’s only One book …. I would send it to their grandma so which ever little one visited could enjoy it.
    That’s if I won =)

  7. Deanna

    This turned out beautifully! I’m starting to gather templates for a Quiet Book for my daughter and have enjoyed your site so much. I know my daughter would LOVE this book. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Cheryl Kingsford

    Soooooooo Adorable. If I won it would go to my 2 little girls. I may just have to make another though to avoid jealousy. Thanks for the pattern. I’m asking for a sewing machine for V-day so I have an excuse to spend lots of money on fabric and felt and embellishments.

  9. Martha

    Your Quiet books are absolutely amazing. I’ve been researching a lot lately to make my own quiet books, One for my 18 month old son, Greyson, and one for my soon to be, son or daughter ( ETA march! eek!) and your blog and patterns have been a great wealth of information and inspiration. Thank-you so much for sharing everything! I would love to win the mini quiet book for my children!

  10. Mary Petrie

    This is amazing! And you just whip it up so fast- I wish I had your imagination and sewing skills! I can’t wait for you to do the cooking page. I saw where they have a felt mat you can roll out that looks like stove that would be great for travel, with felt foods or printed pictures of food. 

    For the contest- It would be for my son, Coleman, is just turned two. Though, it will probably be a hand-me-down since I just found out that I’m pregnant again. Yay!

  11. Bethany P

    I love this book! Especially the cupcake! I am a rabid fan of cupcakes and so is my 4 year old kiddo. She would LOVE this book so much!

  12. Ali

    Love your work. I don’t sew a lick, so would be a great gift for my soon to be best friend’s 3 year old girl! Right around her birthday, too!

  13. Kimberly

    I have really enjoyed getting your blog updates to my email. I’m definately going to make a quiet book in the near future.
    I would love to win this. My kids would be ecstatic! I have a question. Do you use the felt by the yard or bush the sheets of felt?


    [email protected]

  14. Sheila

    This book is adorable! I would love to give it to my 2-year-old granddaughter. I used three of your patterns to make my first quiet book which I gave to her last Christmas. She loves it! You are very talented and are so generous to share your ideas and patterns. Thank you!

  15. S

    You are so talented. Find your site and I am in love with all of them. Been working on the kitchen set for my daughter. Thank you for sharing. You inspire me.

  16. Leann

    I’ve made several of your pages (pirate treasure, tic TAC toe, and the breakfast cooking one among others) and everyone loves them, even adults 🙂

    If I won, the book would either go to my son or to a best friend who is expecting their first child this summer.

  17. Sara Thomas

    Hi there, if I won this I would use it in the play gym and classroom settings for my children to all enjoy. I am an occupational therapy assistant and all of the children I work with love new small things to play with and we love that they can work on their fine motor skills while playing! Thank you so much for all the creative patterns!


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