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I’m still playing catch-up after my month of sickness. Two colds and a stomach virus! Good riddance, April! Now I just have to make it through a crazy insane week and we’ll have our beach vacation!

I’m currently working on a rainbow page for Jax’s quiet book. It’s taken some though and revisions, but last night in bed I finally got it figured out by sketching ideas on the iPad. I should get it done in the next few days. I also sketched out a cupcake page idea. My next page’s pattern is already drawn and printed – a vegetable farmer’s market! I’m excited to work on it during vacation. I’m also going to draw the pattern for the cupcake page before the trip, just in case I finish the veggies fast. Sneak peaks will be in the Facebook page, as usual.

Do you have any great quiet book pages you are proud of that you’d like to show off? I’d love to feature others’ pages here occasionally. If you’d like to be featured, email me your photos (or links to your photos), your name and any notes you’d like to add about them, and a link to your website (if applicable).

Since I haven’t posted my Instagram photos in a while, I have a ton of them! Do you use Instagram? You can follow me at username “iolstephanie”.

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