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Friday Follow-up

I plan to start doing follow-up posts on Fridays to let you know how past an ongoing projects are working out! If there is something in particular you’d like to hear more about, just leave a comment.

DIY Chalkboard Update: Jax seriously LOVES his chalkboard! So far I am only letting him have the chalk when I am in the playroom with him, since he’d likely hide it in strange places or color on his toys. Or, you know, eat it. (He’s actually really good about not putting things in his mouth, but he gets distracted sometimes and forgets.)

Baby Apple Tree

It’s holding up really well, though I’ve found it hard to get really clean, due to a slightly gritty texture. My board was smooth, so I have to assume it is the paint. The dusty look doesn’t really bother me, though. It looks very “classic chalkboard” to me. I plan to refresh the chalkboard surface eventually with the remaining spray paint.

Jax’s Apple Plant: So, when I was cutting open an apple for Jax about a month ago, I found that the seeds inside it had sprouted! We planted them in a pot and hoped for the best. Well, 4 or 5 of the sprouts have grown strong and the plant is now a few inches high! Grow, apple tree, grow!

Sprouts Inside Jax’s Apple

Not long ago, I went to our fruit bowl and grabbed one of the last apples we’d bought in bulk at Costco to chop up for Jackson’s lunch. I always slice around the core instead of halving in, and I’m glad I did! When I was left with the core, my eye was caught by a flash of green. Sprouts!

I’ve never had an apple with the seeds sprouting inside it before. Have you? I saved the chunk of apple core and planted the sprouts in a little pot I had decorated with puffy paints for Jax at a friend’s baby shower. Oh, and crossed my fingers that the tiny sprouts would take hold and grow!

Finding the sprouts was a super weird coincidence… I recently saved some seeds from an apple I liked and read up on how to grow them. I was disappointed to find how long it would take to get them to sprout and that I wouldn’t get the apple I’d enjoyed so much. I saved them anyway and was letting them dry. So to open an apple and already be at the sprout stage? Wow!

Well, a week after planting them they seem to be doing really well! I don’t have a very green thumb, so I hope I can keep one of them alive to the point of having a baby tree to plant outside. It may not produce apples (or may have apples unlike the gala they came from due to grafting on the original tree), but it would be Jax’s tree.

How wonderful would it be to teach him about giving back to the earth and the importance of planting trees!

Have you ever grown a tree from a seed? How big is it now? I have no idea how fast baby trees grow.