Montessori CVC Word Match Printables

Montessori CVC Word Match Printables

Today I am sharing a little word game I made for Jax’s Montessori language lessons. We have been working on “pink series” words – CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) that can be read phonetically with soft vowels. (There are some exceptions, like egg and ant, but the pink series sticks to the soft vowel sounds as a start.)

Montessori CVC Word Match Printables  Montessori CVC Word Match Printables

As we’ve been working on these kind of words for a little while, Jax could sight read at least a third. Little smarty pants! But the rest he sounded out, and I helped him blend the sounds.

Montessori CVC Word Match Printables

The free printable includes: 20 word cards to match a Montessori movable alphabet set (we have this one), 20 illustrations drawn by me, and 20 word cards in D’nealian handwriting font (they have a set like that too.) So far, I have printed and assembled the pictures and colored text cards. I’ll be adding the handwriting cards soon.

This is Jax's movable alphabet set.

This is Jax’s movable alphabet set.

Montessori CVC Word Match Printables  Montessori CVC Word Match Printables

To make these cards, I printed and cut them out. I cut 2″ squares of pink construction paper and used a dab of glue stick to attach them. Then I ran them through my laminator and cut them out. Make sure to trim our corners if you laminate – they get sharp!

Jax paused to tell me "w" looks like an upside-down "m"...

Jax paused to tell me “w” looks like an upside-down “m”…

Jax was so excited to play this “game” that he couldn’t sit still! I had him choose a word card, then read it and choose the matching picture. (If you want to add a control of error – self-correction – you could make your picture cards double-sided.) He then chose to use his movable alphabet to copy the word.

When he got to the word “cup”, he realized I drew the tiny cup he has in his current language object basket (tiny objects used to represent words in our language studies.) He then changed the game to include finding the right objects.

A quick update! Later in the day we played outside with chalk. I wrote all the words for him to hop on and read as a review. Before bed, we played the game again, this time, spinning the basket to pick a word!

Montessori CVC Word Match Printables

Montessori CVC Word Match Printables

I’ll need to get more miniatures, but we had a lot of them!

IMontessori CVC Word Match Printables

Please enjoy this free printable! I plan to add more language materials to share as Jax needs them.

Montessori CVC Word Match Printables

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19 thoughts on “Montessori CVC Word Match Printables

  1. Shirley Gilchrist

    Thank you for sharing this. You sure do a great job with the maps (and the wonderful felt books) as well as the math posts and now the reading.
    Is the wooden letter set Jax is using the small or large set?
    His discovery of the M and W brings back a fond memory of my oldest son. A friend had found some large plastic letters (probably used for a sign) and given them to us. My son was delighted when he made the same discovery about the M being the same as W.

  2. Stephanie

    I LOVE these! Pup (who is 4) is going to start working with moveable alphabet this year! I am totally pinning these! Your art work is wonderful and these are the best I have seen! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

  3. Deb @ Living Montessori Now

    Fabulous, as usual, Stephanie! I’m always amazed at your talent! Thanks for so generously sharing your printables! I featured your post as the Free Printable of the Day at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and on Pinterest. 🙂

  4. lesley

    just wanting to know where you got the letter set to go with the word “game”. I noticed you told us where to get the animals and was wanting to get the same letters too.

    Lesley Paxinos

  5. Marth

    I love your creative ideas u are always coming up with something new and sooo exciting.
    Would u consider doing a cow jumped over the moon and the little dog laughed quiet book page.

  6. the Monko

    wow how have i never discovered your blog before. Its heavenly. I have been following you on instagram for a while but somehow totally missed that you have this awesome blog too. off to read some more

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