Safari Ltd. Musical Instruments Giveaway & Free Montessori Printables

Safari Ltd. Musical Instruments Giveaway & Free Montessori Printables

The giveaway is now closed. Thanks for playing!

Jax and I will be starting a music unit in homeschool this fall, so when I came across this Musical Instruments TOOB by Safari LTD I had to get them!

Our family has always had a great love of music. My brother and I were both “band geeks” throughout our school years. (Though I find nothing geeky about music!) I played the oboe, and still have mine. I was also in the marching band, playing cymbals in the drum line. I married a DJ and we’ve surrounded Jax with music since before he was born. He adores dancing and singing. Anything we can put in a song he learns faster. I hope that providing him with a solid base of knowledge in music fundamentals now will help cultivate a lifelong love.

Safari Ltd. Musical Instruments Giveaway & Free Montessori Printables

Disclosure: I purchased this Safari Ltd TOOB on my own, but Safari Ltd kindly is providing the winner of this giveaway with a Musical Instruments TOOB. All opinions expressed are my own.

Musical instruments are beautiful to look at! They definitely capture a child’s attention. And combined with learning about the sounds that they make, you have a learning opportunity that is all fun!

Safari Ltd. Musical Instruments Giveaway & Free Montessori Printables

The Safari Ltd Musical Instruments TOOB contains: Trombone, Flute, Saxophone, Classical Guitar, French Horn, Clarinet, and Trumpet. Strike up the band!

Safari Ltd. Musical Instruments Giveaway & Free Montessori Printables

Safari Ltd TOOBS are collections of individually hand painted miniature replicas featuring vibrant colors, fine, professional sculpting, and accurate detail. They are available in dozens of themes, and each set comes in a reusable acetate tube that snaps open and closed for easy storage. The tube also has a spinning globe on its cap. TOOBS are perfect for educational projects, traveling, collecting, and imaginative play.

Safari Ltd® is a family-owned, educational toy company whose mission is to teach children the importance of nature and its conservation through the joy of play. With more than 1,000  hand-painted products ranging from mythical creatures to famous landmarks, learning meets fun with Safari Ltd.

Safari Ltd

Montessori Musical Instruments 3-Part Cards

In the Montessori method, 3-part cards are an essential tool that can follow your child through multiple levels of development. They can be used in any subject to aid in adding vocabulary, learning to sort/classify, reading practice and so much more. Three-part cards are made up of two photos – one with a label, one without – as well as a separate label. Younger children start with the labeled card to help them learn the vocabulary. One of the best ways to use them is with small objects that match the photos. Older kids can work with the unlabeled card, matching the correct words or writing their own.

Safari Ltd. Musical Instruments Giveaway & Free Montessori Printables

I have created a set of free musical instrument 3-part cards to correspond with Safari Ltd’s Musical Instruments TOOB. Because I had room for one more card on my printout, I included an oboe. I used an oboe necklace charm (and my real oboe!) for matching. You could set that card aside when doing object matching.

Safari Ltd. Musical Instruments Giveaway & Free Montessori Printables

Click here to download my free pdf file to create your own. To make mine, I cut them out, glued them to charcoal gray card stock (this is simply a color I chose to assign to all my future music collateral) then laminated them. It makes them shiny and strong. I really love my laminator – as everyone told me I would!

Safari Ltd. Musical Instruments Giveaway & Free Montessori Printables

Musical Instruments and Their Sounds

Here is a collection of video links you can play to listen to each instrument’s sound and learn more about them: Trombone, Flute, Saxophone, Classical Guitar, French Horn, Clarinet, and Trumpet. (And Oboe!)

Safari Ltd. Musical Instruments Giveaway & Free Montessori Printables  Safari Ltd. Musical Instruments Giveaway & Free Montessori Printables  Safari Ltd. Musical Instruments Giveaway & Free Montessori Printables

Bookmark this page to come back to when you are studying instruments with your child.

Safari Ltd. Musical Instruments Giveaway & Free Montessori Printables

Musical Instruments TOOB Giveaway

1 lucky winner from the US will win the Safari Ltd Musical Instrument TOOB (ARV $12). If you a a follower of Safari Ltd on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or Google+, they will throw in a bonus prize!

Who is Eligible:

This giveaway is open to anyone 18 and older living in the US. Safari Ltd. will pay for shipping the prize to you.

To be eligible, leave a mandatory blog comment below telling me why you’d like to win the Safari Ltd Musical Instruments TOOB. After you’ve commented, be sure to click “enter” on the Rafflecopter form to open up the additional entry options. Enter as many ways as you’d like, once you’ve completed the mandatory blog comment. If you are already a follower of Safari Ltd or Imagine Our Life, you can still enter via that option by verifying your username!

If you need help with Rafflecopter here is a link for a quick tutorial video. At times, the Rafflecopter form can take a minute to load on the page.

The giveaway closes 12:00 am EST on Tuesday, September 3.

winnerCongrats to our random winner, Mae P.!

Good luck!

Here is a Pinterest-ready image for you! Find me on Pinterest @imagineourlife. Find Safari Ltd on Pinterest @safariltd.

Safari Ltd. Musical Instruments Giveaway & Free Montessori Printables

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60 thoughts on “Safari Ltd. Musical Instruments Giveaway & Free Montessori Printables

  1. Wendy Butera

    My daughter is becoming very interested in musical instruments. We also are beginning our adventure in Montessori homeschooling. She would love this musical instruments toob 🙂

  2. Karen Arnold

    I want to win this for my Music Teacher friend! These would be great for Pre-K and Kindergarten students!

  3. Alyssa

    I’m prepping to start home schooling my daughter next year, this would be great to add to my supplies.

  4. Maura Trice

    I would love to win this set for my children. My husband and I are both musicians and our children are already showing inclinations of musical talents. Our son is a “tot school” home preschooler and already loves learning.

  5. Heidi

    We will be studying the orchestra and all its parts, as well as the tin whistle this year. This would be a GREAT way to help my kids wrap their minds around instruments and the different sounds they make. I didn’t even realize Safari Ltd. had a TOOB for this. Very awesome.

  6. Elisabeth S.

    Oh my gosh these are amazing. I have a couple Toobs animal sets and my little guy loves to pull them out and make the animal sounds.

    The musical instruments would be a great edition to our collections!

  7. Jennifer

    My kids- ages 2 and 3-love music! I teach piano lessons in our home, and my oldest loves to sit and find middle C on the piano, singing “I am middle C” as he plunks the note repeatedly. We have just started doing montessori activities, and I would love to incorporate this into our curriculum!

  8. JoBeth

    I homeschool and would be an excellent learning resource for my 4 and 5 year old. We have music theory and class often. Last week they made their own instruments and learned about the different categories woodwind percussion etc

  9. Beth

    Our 2 year old b/g twins LOVE music. They constantly sing and are surrounded by instruments they are not allowed to use. Their parents are band directors! These toys would be the perfect surprise for them. It would allow them to have their own instruments just like mommy and daddy.

  10. Kristan Price

    This will be my first year homeschooling my kids and music is going to be one of our study units. This Toob would make a great addition to our study materials!

  11. Kristan Price

    I’m not sure if my comment went through so I am redoing it (sorry for the inconvenience).

    This will be my first year homeschooling and music is going to be one of our unit studies, so this toob would make a great addition to our musical supplies! Also we just love Safari Ltd. products.

  12. Spring K.

    My husband is a musician and is teaching our daughter to play trumpet and trombone. This would be a perfect set for her, now that she is showing interest in musical instruments. We are big fans of Toobs and have several of their collections. They are excellent educational toys! Thank you for the chance to win!

  13. AMoore725

    I would adore having this Toob! I am beginning to assembled homeschooling supplies for my daughters (and any future children we have), and I have nothing related to music yet, so this would be an amazing way to start off that unit!

  14. Chalee Supplee

    These are so cool! My boys love Toobz and this would be a great way to introduce play that isn’t our usual animals, Playmobils, or cars. They both are starting to develop an interest in music.

  15. Bethany

    I’d like to win the musical instruments TOOB to use in our homeschool. I have two young children who are very interested in all things musical!

  16. Alisha S.

    My daughter would love to investigate these instruments. For being young, only one year, she is already interested in music and the world around her. She is not just an observer of life, but is always actively learning.

  17. Colleen P

    I’d love to win because I think my children would really enjoy learning about musical instruments with these “miniatures.”

  18. Marci

    My 3 year old son really enjoys Safari Ltd. toobs, especially when I pair them with 3 part cards! This giveaway is perfect for us, since we do not have the music toob yet! Thank you!!!

  19. Marijane

    So many of the schools have reduced or cut spending for music and arts. It would be great to encourage music by using these cute “accurate” little instruments. Music encourages children to develop rhythm and movement. It keeps the brain sharp for better overall learning. I would love to use these little instruments for games and activities.

  20. Sarah Jenkins

    I would love to win this music toob because I have my degree in music and want to share my love of music with my 1 and 3 year old. I stay home with them now, but if I ever get back in the classroom, these would work great there too!

  21. stacy

    i’d love to win this toob because my children love music and they are so interested in learning the names of each of the instruments. pairing the tactile object with card would be a great activity for them.

  22. Nicole

    My toddler is just now getting into 3-part cards and loving them. This would make a great addition to our several TOOB/3-part card sets! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  23. Sue Macfarlane

    Just to let you know that my young nephew loved having an orchestra layout on which he could place miniature instruments and ‘conduct’ a piece of orchestral music. I can just see a felt version of this. The matching cards were colour coded for the section of the orchestra. Perhaps Safari would make another toob to complete the orchestra!

    I know I can’t win this toob as I’m from the UK!

  24. Bret

    As a musician, I would love to have these small instruments to have my daughter hold and play with so she can learn all about them.

  25. Tracy

    I love to immerse my class to sounds other than “radio”…play soothing instrumentals during work cycle everyday!

  26. Laura

    I would love to be able to offer the children an unique opportunity to learn musical instruments. The cards and instruments are wonderful. Music stirs the soul!

  27. Sandi

    My son is music crazy. He will be starting violin lessons this year at his Montessori school. I would make a tray for them and donate it to the school.


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