Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review

When Marie-Claire of SO Awesome reached out to us about trying out a few of her wallet card sets, Jax was so excited! He’s been enjoying their free iOS wallet app for some time, and immediately recognized their colorful, modern style.

My love of all things Montessori is well known, but what you may not know is that I am a graphic designer and have a BA in studio art. Combine beautiful art with Montessori-inspired educational materials and I’m in heaven! SO Awesome teams up with talented illustrators to create their card sets, so each one is a treasure.

Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & GiveawayMy Wallet Card Set

If you come over to our house for a playdate, one of the first things Jax will ask you to play is “store”. We have a beautiful wooden store set, and Jax is finally old enough to have play money. This wallet play set is a perfect addition to our role playing and pretend play.

Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & Giveaway

The wallet comes with play money, membership and bank cards – even a license! (To see what is included, click here.) At the moment, we are playing with this at home, but how great would it be to toss in your bag to bring along for a toddler to take apart – instead of YOUR wallet?

Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & Giveaway     Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & Giveaway

The cards all have reverse sides to explore and realistic details. If I could add anything, it would be a personalized license with Jax’s name and photo. But perhaps that would be a fun DIY project for us to do together.

Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & GiveawayAlphabet Card Set

Jax was really drawn to the colorful set of alphabet cards. One side features gorgeous illustrations, the other has a large lowercase letter, the word that was illustrated and pictures of other words that begin with the letter.

Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & Giveaway     Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & Giveaway

These cards would be great on a stroller or card seat for younger toddlers. The removable ring is an easy way to store the cards together and bring them on the go without losing any. (But if you do, they offer single replacement cards!)

Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & Giveaway
We have been pairing the cards with out Montessori movable alphabet to make a fun matching game. I put one of every letter in a bowl and Jax matches them up with the correct card.

Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & Giveaway     Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & Giveaway     Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & Giveaway

I asked Jax which card was his favorite. He said he liked them all, but P for Playground was his favorite!

Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & GiveawayNumber Card Set

The numbers card set features whimsical illustrations depicting quantity on one side and the number and corresponding Montessori beads on the other. The title card has a picture of the Montessori bead stair. Another card features the different base ten quantities in the golden bead materials.

Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & Giveaway      Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & Giveaway     Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & Giveaway

I’ve been working on DIY Montessori bead materials as a long-term project, so these cards fit in so well with our works! Click here to learn how I made my bead set and grab my free printables.

Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & GiveawayJax has always enjoys how colorful the bead stair is, so he was drawn to the small tray I set up with the number cards 0 – 9.

Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & Giveaway      Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & Giveaway

I made another small tray with the 1, 10, 100 and 1,000 cards to reinforce the golden bead materials he’s begun using. It is a quick activity, but it is always good to match physical objects to pictures and writing.

Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & GiveawaySO Awesome provides a handful of free printable resources and suggested activities as companions to their card sets. You can check them out here.

For free shipping on your next order from SO Awesome’s online store, use code imagineourlife.

Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & Giveaway


SO Awesome has generously offered a $45 store credit to the winner of this random giveaway. To enter, visit SO Awesome, then leave a comment here letting us know what your favorite product is. Then use the Rafflecopter widget below to let us know you’ve commented (email address or Facebook required). There are bonus entries available to anyone who enters. The lucky winner will be randomly chosen on Wednesday, September 10th.

Congrats to the winner, Andrea, L.!

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About SO Awesome

soawesome_logojpgSO Awesome offers gorgeous, educational, non-toxic, extremely durable card sets designed for how kids play and work. Montessori-inspired. Made in the USA. Their cards are perfect to engage children in carseats, strollers, shopping carts, and long airplane rides.

Graphic Designer and mother Marie-Claire Camp created the durable, non-toxic card sets for her twin boys. Using the crowdsource-funding site Kickstarter, Marie-Claire produced five sets of cards and an companion iOS app.

Visit SO Awesome on: So Awesome WebsiteFacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram

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Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & Giveaway

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45 thoughts on “Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review

  1. Melissa

    I love how realistic the wallet is! I am pretty sure I will need to order two because it is something I am sure my children will fight over. I love that you can order extra sets of the money as well.

  2. Mary Sue

    I love the variety of the products which will enable students with different learning styles to explore and learn. Thank you for this opportunity. ;>)

  3. Miriam Roura Morente

    Wow is awesome! I love this set of products for the shop montessori practice more than anything or play as your mom or dad momedero the targetas both color are perfect illustrations! Love in Spain do not have!

  4. JaCobi

    I love the Color & Shape Wallet Cards. I really like the idea of using them and having my child recreate the watercolor paintings.

  5. marisela

    I have twins (boy and girl) and I would say that the wallet would be my daughter’s favorite and my son would love the “on the go” cards. I will definitely have to get the bundle pack for these two!

  6. Maura @ The Whimsical Mama

    I personally love the colour cards, but I know my son & daughter would love the wallet! I would definitely have to get two of them. My daughter delights in tearing apart my wallet and my son is obsessed with his daddy’s wallet. Thanks for an awesome giveaway! (:

  7. Darlena Mixson

    My granddaughter has discovered money and the wallet would be perfect. The number and alphabet cards would also be helpful.

  8. Liz S

    I can’t decide! I’d have to go with the Ultimate Bundle. If I was forced to pick just one, probably the Color & Shape Cards.

  9. Sarah

    It’s a tough choice, but the illustrations on the “GO!” cards are my favourite. Fantastic looking products…Thanks!

  10. Andrea L

    I love the wallet card set! That is definitely something my twins need. They love to go through my purse and throw the contents everywhere. It would keep them entertained when we go shopping.

  11. Abigail

    This looks fantastic! My favourite must be the alphabet card set. It’s great for what we are doing now – word-building in the pink scheme! The illustrations (on all of the sets) look so nice and inviting. 😀

  12. Janet Choi

    Love the alphabet cards and how creative you can be to using them! My daughter has recently taken to digging through my purse and wallet so the wallet cards are great too!

  13. sherly

    Love all your ideas you are so creative your son is lucky to have a creative mum who has endless great ideas but I loved your wallet, number card, & bead stairs in this blog
    thanks for sharing.

  14. Joanna

    I am liking the alphabet or number cards because that is what we will be working on this year in our homeschooling journey.thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Nadine

    What a wonderful giveaway!
    I have to say, that choosing one is NOT an option as they are ALL beautiful and so useful!!!
    I am a 100 percent positive that my three-year-old would love them all, too. So our favorite has to be the “ultimate bundle”.
    *crossing my fingers*

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