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Thrift Store Gems

We hit the motherload at the kids’ thrift store today!

Jax has been having trouble sleeping due to teething, so we were up and ready for our day a little late. The local kid’s thrift store opens at 10 am, so we had breakfast to waste a little time before heading over. I was hoping for some board books and was keeping my eyes out for a wooden kitchen to refurbish. I didn’t expect to find one (they always had small, ugly plastic ones) so I planned to drive over to the adult thrift store after to check for small hutches I could convert.

But, what did I see when I walked in the door? A 100% wooden (be it mostly MDF) kitchen for $12.25! It is missing the large door (the shopkeeper offered to hold it for me if it turns up), but I think I’ll leave it open and put wire baskets on the shelves. The backsplash shelf is broken off but intact. The faucet needs to be reattached and some of the knobs are glued together a little wonky. All-in-all it just needs a good scrub (there is dirt and mulch inside it), a sanding, several coats of paint and some nails and screws.

I’ll have to get some number decals for the clock as it will get painted over. I’m thinking bright red for the whole thing, with all the door and accents in silver. Maybe a magnetic primer under the “fridge” door for magnets. Should I do something special to the backsplash? It will have its shelf halfway down. I love that the sink is wood so I can paint that too! If any of you hardware-inclined friends have suggestions on reattaching the shelf and faucet, let me know – L brackets under the shelf? This is going to be a fun, quick project now that I only have to paint!


We got lucky in other ways at the store too. I found 4 great board books for Jax. He is BIG into being read to now, and I have to read him at least a dozen books every night (or the same one 10 times!) The thrift store is great for books because they sell them for 10% of the cover price – meaning they were all 59 – 79 cents each! We found: Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? A Lift-the-Flap Book, Peek-A Who? (which has a mirror in the back), Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?.

I also got a Melissa & Doug Rainbow Stacker for $1.75. He has stackers, but those are his favorite toys and I like that this one is more advanced with smaller holes. He has to concentrate to put it together. We found Stride Right boots 1.5 sizes up from where Jax is now for $2.50. They are in perfect condition.

Do you thrift shop? I used to in college and only recently started up again. Reusing is great for the environment AND your wallet!

Thrift Store Gems

I got lucky at the children’s thrift store in town today and got two great books for $0.75 each! Good Night, Gorilla is an adorable bedtime book that I knew we needed to add to Jax’s library. And, Good Dog, Carl has been my go-to baby book when I am putting together a baby shower gift – especially for my dog-loving friends. The illustrations are beautiful and whimsical. Makes me want a big, sweet Rotti to babysit Jax!

They had some other gems such as Goodnight Moon and The Going-To-Bed Book, but we already have those.

What are some of your must-have books for your toddlers?

Curl up snug in your water bed

Many of you parents know of Raffi and one of his most famous songs, “Baby Beluga” (and if you don’t, Amazon has the mp3 for $0.99!) I fell in love with it the first time I heard it, and when I came across this beautiful board book, I jumped at the chance to learn the lyrics.

The book takes Raffi’s lyrics and sets them into a story illustrated by Ashley Wolff. Jackson just loves to point to the polar bears, and I was instantly won over by the narwals!

I started singing “Baby Beluga” to Jax whenever he was upset – especially during car rides. It helps him calm down every single time. I do have to keep singing it again and again if he is less than pleased about being in the car. The things we do for our little ones (and a sane drive home!)

This book is always the first book Jax picks up out of his bedroom book basket. A warning: Once you learn the song, you’ll find the book impossible to read… You’ll have to sing it!