• Recycling Quiet Book Set & Free Printables

    I’m always looking for ways to teach Jax about what we can do to help our planet. I knew a “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” theme would make a wonderful quiet book theme. Trash and recycle trucks are so much fun for kids to watch, so I had to add one in to expand the project into […]

    Recycling Quiet Bok Set & Free Printables
  • Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review

    When Marie-Claire of SO Awesome reached out to us about trying out a few of her wallet card sets, Jax was so excited! He’s been enjoying their free iOS wallet app for some time, and immediately recognized their colorful, modern style. My love of all things Montessori is well known, but what you may not […]

    Montessori-Inspired Wallet Cards Review & Giveaway
  • Sock Penguin Tutorial

    When I found an old pair of rainbow striped socks, I knew I wanted to make a sock animal. I asked Jax what he would like, and wasn’t surprised to hear him request a penguin. They are his favorite animal! I wasn’t sure how a rainbow striped penguin would turn out, but he’s really cute! […]

    Sock Penguin Tutorial