2011 Quiet Book Pages

Here is a look back at the quiet book pages I completed in 2011. I didn’t start working on them until September, so I’m proud I created 19 pages! A few were created to go together in 2-page spreads. (Number 20 is complete but not posted.)

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Sock Matching

Top 5 Most Popular Patterns

  1. Sock Matching – 4 comments – 3002 views
  2. Circus Train – 3 comments – 1842 views
  3. Forest – 4 comments – 1773 views
  4. Starbucks – 0 comments – 1573 views
  5. Rocket Ship – 2 comments – 1428 views

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Taking Requests!

This year I’m taking requests! Drop by my Facebook page with your suggestions. Page 19 was my first completed request, and I’ll be posting a page to match it very soon!

Happy New Year!


11 thoughts on “2011 Quiet Book Pages

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  2. Jessica Scanland

    I was wondering if you would make and sell one of your 2011 Quiet Books, and if so, how much would it cost?

    1. Stephanie Post author

      Unfortunately, I just wouldn’t be able to make it in a timely fashion. The pages are so detailed that it took months to complete. I’m considering making mini quiet books to sell, like the Valentine book. Pricing hand-sewn work is tough because people might not necessarily want to pay for the many hours it can take.

      If you take a look at etsy.com, small qb’s start around $30 – 40 in price and up.

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  4. Kath Johnston

    How delightful these are. I am a scrapbooker, knitter, and turn my hand to many crafts.
    Just thought I would add to your comment to Jessica . You could never put a price on something like this… unless you are a crafty person yourself, you cannot ever appreciate the many hours of work, and love, that goes into making this sort of thing. I do applique work for quilting also, and it takes hours. You only make these sort of things by hand for family/friends who are very close to your heart.

  5. Lara

    I just googled quiet book patterns and found your website. This is a beautiful book. Thank you so much for sharing the patterns!


  6. Stephanie

    Hi! I have been looking up and down for lots of busy book inspiration and came across your page via Pinterest and I have to say that your busy book is probably the best I have seen yet – and I’ve looked at alot!! Great job! You should be very proud of it!

  7. Hanah

    Hello! I love your pages!! Thank you!! I was wondering if the felt from the craft store like Joanns would work okay? Do you think it would hold up?


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