2011 Quiet Book Pages

Here is a look back at the quiet book pages I completed in 2011. I didn’t start working on them until September, so I’m proud I created 19 pages! A few were created to go together in 2-page spreads. (Number 20 is complete but not posted.)

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Sock Matching

Top 5 Most Popular Patterns

  1. Sock Matching - 4 comments – 3002 views
  2. Circus Train - 3 comments – 1842 views
  3. Forest - 4 comments – 1773 views
  4. Starbucks - 0 comments – 1573 views
  5. Rocket Ship - 2 comments – 1428 views

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Taking Requests!

This year I’m taking requests! Drop by my Facebook page with your suggestions. Page 19 was my first completed request, and I’ll be posting a page to match it very soon!

Happy New Year!


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