Quiet Book Pages from January through June

Back in January, I wrote up a review of all the quiet book pages I had designed and sewn since beginning in September of 2011. Six months have passed and I’ve gotten so much done. Time for another look back!

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Top 5 Most Popular Patterns from January – June

  1. Sandcastle – 5 comments – 5,598 views
  2. Treasure & Pirate Map – 2 comments – 5,590 views
  3. Ice Cream Parlor – 2 comments – 4,487 views
  4. Cook Breakfast – 2 comments – 4,375 views
  5. Itsy Bitsy Spider – 12 comments – 4,054 views

Top 10 Most Popular Patterns

  1. Sock Matching – 13 comments – 14,459 views
  2. Circus Train – 8 comments – 9,337 views
  3. Forest – 7 comments – 8,898 views
  4. Starbucks – 2 comments – 6,378 views
  5. Mailbox & Letters – 2 comments – 5,681 views
  6. Cookie Shapes & Colors – 6 comments – 5,613 views
  7. Sandcastle – 5 comments – 5,598 views
  8. Treasure & Pirate Map – 2 comments – 5,590 views
  9. Rocket Ship – 6 comments – 5,574 views
  10. Astronaut – 2 comments – 5,440 views

I am so very happy to introduce you to Imagine Our Life’s newest sponsor. My addiction to sewing with felt has often lead me to browse online, drooling over the beautiful colors available in wool and wool blend felt. I am putting my heart and soul (and countless hours!) into sewing interactive quiet book pages that Jax will be playing with for years. I want them to last so that he can pass them on to his children. I knew I needed to try wool felt, which is thicker and more durable, and that is where American Felt and Craft really shines!

American Felt and Craft was founded on the idea that creativity means coloring with the whole box of crayons.  This philosophy inspired us to carry the largest selection of felt available anywhere on the internet. Because we know every stitch matters, we only sell heirloom quality felt and sundries.  We carry over 150 colors, shades, and tones to complete your personal work of art. From basic black to bubble gum, whatever you’re looking for, American Felt and Craft has the perfect color!

They had me at “heirloom quality” – because isn’t that exactly what we want to create when we are sewing for our children or grandchildren? You can find American Felt and Craft’s online store here and their Facebook page here. They ship worldwide and carry more that just felt. I’ll be trying out some of their crinkle material to make my campfire nice and crackly! Just look at those amazing felt colors!

Good news for you: American Felt and Craft will be offering a giveaway on an upcoming quiet book page. Can’t wait? You can save 15% off your first order with the code “imagine“.

8 thoughts on “Quiet Book Pages from January through June

    1. Stephanie Post author

      I sew the pages together on the machine, but do almost all hand sewing for the rest. It’s easier to get hand sewing time than sewing machine time around here!

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  2. kay

    I love your pages! and I cant wait till mine is completed for my daughter!
    out of curiosity…how do you store your patterns after they’re cut??

    1. Stephanie Post author

      I sometimes save them in ziplock baggies. Often, I don’t save them, as I’m not planning to make more than one of each page right now…

  3. Gina DesRoches

    Your amazing!!!?:) you have created exactly what I have been wanting in a quiet time book!!! I am making some for my grandson and my own sons 2nd birthday right now!!!:) thank you for being so generous with the patterns and step by step instructions!!! I am so thankful for you!!!!!!:) I can’t wait to see what els you create!! Amazing!!!!


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